Top Places to Visit in Chennai - The Capital of Tamilnadu

Chennai is one of the busiest metropolitan cities holding hundreds of industries, several educational institute, ancient temples, shopping spots and much more. This does not stop Chennai from being an iconic tourist destination. Being the location of a busy international airport, Chennai is visited by tourists who want to enter India.

These tourists do not just use Chennai as a portal to enter India. They enjoy Chennai as their first step of vacation. Here are the best places to visit in Chennai:

1. Marina Beach

Out of the numerous beaches in the city, Marina beach stands as the top due to its white sandy beach, water activities, fair, shops and enchanting environment. This beach is the second largest in the world and the whole beach will be dotted with shops that sell delicacies, simple street games, souvenir shopping and much more. If you are lucky, you can catch any food festival, brand-advertising activities and much more.

Marina Beach Chennai

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2. Marundeeswarar Temple

Located in Tiruvanmiyur, this temple is famous for two main elements. This temple is believed to hold the deity who has the power to heal diseases. Those are having chronic diseases seeking a cosmic help visit this temple. The second attraction is the ancient Dravidian architecture style and numerous interesting statues. You can find interesting rituals throughout the day.

Marundeeswarar Temple Chennai

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3. Vandaloor Zoo or Arignar Anna Zoo

Located a little away from the city center, this zoo is famous among all tourists. You can find more than 3000 species of flora and fauna in this park including 46 endangered species. You can take up small cart safari to spot important species. If you are ready to make a vacation out of the zoo, you can enjoy trekking through 1,200 acres of maintained forest region. If you are looking for a smaller zoo, you can choose to visit the Children’s park in Guindy.

Vandaloor Zoo, Chennai

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4. VGP Golden Beach

This is a private beach where you can enjoy all beach-based attractions. This is also a theme park where you can find many water and land based rides, millennium tower, statue man, forts and much more. The park has a Universal Kingdom, Snow Kingdom and Aqua Kingdom. Apart from these, you can find cultural shows, performances, petting zoo and much more.

VGP Golden Beach, Chennai

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5. ISKCON Temple

This is a large temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort. The temple is built in a mixed of traditional and modern style. On the first floor, an auditorium is dedicated for cultural performances. If lucky, you might catch a music or dance show. The temple is also famous for its chandeliers, library and interesting rituals.

ISKCON Temple, Chennai

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6. Valluvar Kottam

This is a small memorial park dedicated to a Tamil poet. People enjoy small statues in the park as they stroll through the park. The park is very famous for exhibitions and fairs that take place during tourism season. There is a large auditorium with columns marked with all the verses of Thriukkural. It is said that the auditorium stands with no support from any of the pillars.

Valluvar Kottam, Chennai

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7. Vivekananda House

Also called as the Ice House, this building stands as a memorial for Vivekanada, a saint of yesteryear. There is a meditation room which used to be the residing room of Swami Vivekananda. You can find many articles that were used by him. There is a small garden where children can play in the evening.

Vivekananda House, Chennai

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8. Santhome Church

Out of numerous churches in Chennai, the Santhome Cathedral is an ancient church of 14th century built by the Portuguese. Built in Neo-Gothic architecture, this church holds a museum that attracts many people. You can find many believers in the church during religious festivals.

Santhome Church, Chennai

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Places to Visit from Chennai

If you are ready to travel a little away from the main city, you can find numerous attractions.

  1. Koli hills
  2. Kancheepuram
  3. Mahabalipuram
  4. Pondicherry

Apart from these iconic destinations, the city is filled with many shopping malls that provide entertainment and shopping experience in Tamilnadu. There are a few theme parks like Queen’s Land, MGM, Kishkindha and others. The city is at prime beauty throughout the year. However, the extreme hot climate and humidity of summer season demands tourists to visit during winter season that starts in October and ends in March.

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