What to do in Delhi for 2 Days

To the avid traveler a simple 2 days may seem insufficient to feel the essence of the place. It is a mere 48 hours wherein our daily human duties would interfere with the whole traveling experience. But still if there are only two days you have to spare from your busy lives to enjoy the grand capital city of India, Delhi. Then so be it, but it is beyond a hint of doubt that it will be the most happening 2 days for you.

Confused What to do in Delhi for 2 Days? It is a challenging task to cram all of what Delhi has to offer in the short span of two days. It is like any other Indian metropolitan, a city made with different colors, tastes, livelihoods, locals, cuisines, and contrasts existing in harmony. A city that stands tall with everything it has seen throughout the pages of history, a cultural heritage worthy of setting Goosebumps on the hungry traveler when delving into its past.  It also offers spoilage of opportunities for shop-a-holics to divulge in.

So, we have attempted to do the impossible and create a perfect tour itinerary for those seeking to travel to Delhi for two days. The chaos and energy of the locals can be overwhelming for the first-time visitor. So, it is best if you use the first day to ease yourself into the city’s spirit. Find below top places to visit in Delhi in 2 Days :

Mornings at Delhi

Begin your day at the lush landscapes of Lodhi Gardens where you can do some yoga, jog around and mingle with the friendly locals, and see some magnificent ruins dating back to the 15th Century.

Yoga at Lodhi Garden

If you want the complete feel of Indian hospitality, you could check-in at the iconic Taj Palace Hotel located at Chanakyapuri. The brand is the best representation of Indian heritage and warm hospitality. You could munch on some hearty breakfast delicacies at the Taj Coffee shop, like – stuffed parathas, chole kulche, and Pav bhaji. Some Southern delicacies are also available there like idli and dosa.

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Delhi – In a Whirlwind Tour:

After some rest, start with a fast-forward tour through India and catch a glimpse of the handicrafts of Kashmir, the colors of Rajasthan, tastes of every Indian state at the Dilli Haat. Designed to seem like a village market, this is the place to see in Delhi for foodies, shoppers and travelers. You can help yourself at a scrumptious lunch of any choice of Indian cuisine at this place and then carry on to your next Delhi adventure. Grab a ride on the Delhi Metro to the INA Stadium from the Dilli Haat which is only a short few steps away. A ride on the Delhi metro is the best way to experience the cities underbelly alongside its friendly locals.

Shopping at Dilli Haat

Exlpore the famous Shopping Places in Delhi

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First Afternoon in Delhi

After you have eaten and done shopping to your heart’s content, ride the metro further down into the Hauz Khas village. This is not your quintessential village, but is an urban village, which is built with debris, ruins and wires. One of the happening places, you can set yourself at a nearby coffee shop or even window shop around at several fusion boutique stores. Just as the sun is about to set, pay a visit to the Purana Qila (the Old Fort) and witness the cultural and architectural opulence of Delhi’s bygone Mughal Era.

Purana Quila

There is also a sound-and-light show held at the Old Fort every evening that captures the old with the new in Delhi and highlights its contrasts. This is the best place to see how a city with a rich history of more than 5,000 years is now joining hands with state-of-the-art technology and modern lifestyles that has made Delhi an eclectic fusion.

After that to have a romantic conclusion to your busy day, head over to the Garden of Five Senses – a place designed to seduce all the five senses of humans. There are colorful landscapes, elaborate sculptures and great fountains of light. This is the perfect place to end a busy day away from the crowds of the city. You can also have dinner at this garden in the restaurant called Magique.

Second Morning in Delhi

Early-risers can begin the day with a stroll along Rajpath which is a ceremonial boulevard that is reflective of Delhi’s past colonial days. This is also a famous meeting ground for pigeons before the rush of the busy day begins. You can also aim at visiting Raj Ghat which is a memorial ground to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi. A simple square marble of black color stands right at the spot where Gandhi was cremated. There is the National Museum of Gandhi in the vicinity which you can aim to visit as well.

Raj Ghat

Find your next destination with the few from Jama Masjid. It is only a small auto-rickshaw ride away and offers the best views of Red Fort, Meena Bazaar, Chandni Chowk and even the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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Lunching on History

Then after some rest and a hearty breakfast, complete your Delhi-trip with a visit to Old Delhi. Get lost to find yourself in one of the alleyways in Old Delhi. Shop and stuff yourself with delicious stuffed paranthas from the infamous paranthe wali gali in Chandni Chowk area which is popular for serving the tastiest of stuffed paranthes (stuffed Indian bread).

More of Delhi’s history will await you with a walk to the Red Fort. The Red Fort tour will take 1.5 to 2 hours.

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The Dinner fit for Kings

For your special dinner, find yourself at Karim’s. It is an institution of a restaurant regarded as the best place to munch on kebabs and breads, tucked in the busy backyards of Old Delhi.

Delhi Cuisine

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And there you have it, a busy yet memorable 2-day trip itinerary to the capital city of India. You will feel proud to survive this whirlwind of a tour and will know that regardless of how many times you come back here, it will never be like the first time.

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