What To Do In Tibet In 10 Days

Tibet is also called as the Roof of the World. It is not just a spiritual place. This destination is apt for adventure lover, nature lover, photo enthusiasts and every other type of tourists. Starting from Mount Everest to Tibetan culture, there are a lot of interesting elements attached to Tibet. It takes a minimum of 10 days to get a glimpse of the whole place. This article is a complete itinerary for a 10 days trip in Tibet. This itinerary is very open and focuses on giving more free time during each day. The culture of the land promotes a lot of events, festivals and celebrations. Use the free time to explore nearby areas for any local events. The people of Tibet are very friendly to tourists.

Day 1 – Depth View of Tibet from Sky

No matter which country you come from, you need to fly to Tibet and land at Lhasa. The altitude of the land is very high and you need to allow your body to get customized to it. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is eat. Eating would give energy to the body to handle the cold climate and this energy is also essential to ease altitude sickness. Some leisure walk would help a few. Do not have a bath immediately. Have good rest. No matter which part of the day you arrive, it is essential to rest for a considerable amount of time.


Day 2 – Explore Palace and Temples

Start with the city interior attractions like Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and others. If you are up for the challenge, climb up the stone path to reach the gates of the palace. The palace has more than thousand steps and thus, if you have serious altitude problems or knee related problems, it is better to enjoy the architectural beauty from the ground.

Potala Palace

Jokhang temple is famous for religious events. It is better to keep the rest of the day free if case of any celebration in the temple. It is a very famous temple and more than thousand international pilgrims visit the temple every day. Once you get out of the temple, you would find Barkhor Street. This street is famous for small shops where you can buy souvenirs, handicrafts, traditional goods of the land and others.

Jokhang Temple, Tibet

Day 3 – Culture of Drepung Monastery – A Large Monastery with 10,000 Monks Study

Start the day with Norbulingka palace. There is a public park around the palace. Next attraction is Drepung Monastery, which is famous for exploration. Have lunch before you visit the monastery as you might be spending most of the day inside it.

Drepung Monastery, Tibet

It is a very large monastery where more than 10,000 monks study. You are welcome to be around during the classes, explore the place, meditation and perform other activities. You would be expected to follow certain clothing criteria and respect their culture. Taking photos or wearing footwear inside the monastery is prohibited. It is important to keep silence throughout the exploration.

Monks Debating, Drepung Monastery

Day 4 – The Beauty of Yamdrok Lake

Sera Monastery is another famous monastery for exploration. You might not be allowed to every part of the place but, it is a wonderful spot for learning their culture.

Sera Monastery

After taking rest, start your travel to Shigatse. It is better to start the travel before afternoon so that you can enjoy the route. If you are visiting during the tourism season, the route would be aesthetically pleasing. You would be reaching by evening and you would have time to visit Yamdrok Lake alone. It is located north of Himalayan Mountain and the view is great during sunset.

Namtso Lake

Day 5 – Monasteries and Tibetan Village Culture

Start early and visit Gyantse, Palcho Monastery, Gelukpa Monastery, Sakyapa Monastery and others. You can find a lot of monasteries and chapels on the way. Visit a few if time permits. Go to a Tibetan village and enjoy the culture. Eat in an authentic restaurant and enjoy the lakeshore.

Tibetan Village

You would be able to spot Karola Glacier on the right.

Karola Glacier, Tibet

Leave to Shigatse by evening and you would be able to spot a few peaks on the route. You would reach Rongbuk Monastery by late evening. It is the highest monastery in the world. You can explore the monastery and nearby monasteries. If you are up for it, rent a tent and camp near the monastery. Bring thick cloths as you are visiting the highest monastery in the world.

Rongbuk Monastery, Tibet

Day 6 – Exploration of Everest Base Camp

If you are camping, get up early in the morning to catch the sunrise in Himalayas. After breakfast, you can walk to the Everest Base Camp. This would take most of the afternoon. If you are planning to try climbing the Everest, it is a totally different vacation that you need to plan and prepare at least a year ahead of it. The rest of the day is spent in driving back to Shigatse City.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Day 7 – Tashilhunpo Monastery - Giant Future Buddha Statue

The first visit of the day is Tashilhunpo Monastery and the giant future Buddha statue. By late afternoon, you could visit Yaluzangbu River, NyemoTunba and other attractions in Tunba like murmuring river ancient cypress and others. Get back to your hotel room by late evening for a sound sleep. The next day’s itinerary needs a lot of energy.

Tashilhunpo Monastery, Tibet

Day 8 – Experience of Nature Trekking

Drive to Lake Namtso and trek along the side of the river. It is a great place for photography, sightseeing and camping. You can spot a lot of mountains and glaciers here. You can find a lot of tents near the lake. The lake is located 5,000 m above the sea level. The sunset view from the lake is amazing. You can stay through the night in any accommodation near the lake to spot the early sunrise too.

Namtso Lake, Tibet

Day 9 – Enjoy Shopping and Stroll Around Lhasa

After catching sunrise at the lake, get back to Lhasa. Today is for simple sightseeing and shopping. You can find a lot of shopping streets and other attractions in Lhasa. The itinerary leaves this day very free to catch any local events.

Lhasa Shopping Street

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Day 10 – Go Back with Beautiful Memories

After breakfast, drive back to the airport. Today is the departure day and it is better to keep any activity away from the day. Reach the airport ahead of time for your flight.

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