16 Days - Tibet Tour From Nepal Via Everest Base Camp

Kathmandu - Zhangmu - Nyelam - Saga - Manasarovar - Zhada - Mt. Kailash - Saga - Shigatse - Lhasa


It the kind of package which comes filled with natural beauty from each and every corner. In this 16 Days Tibet Tour starting From Nepal to Mount Kailash, we will take you around the pristine beauty of this land with natural lakes, landscapes and peaks which seem to touch the sky! Also included are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


  • Visit Mt. Shishapangma and beautiful Pekusto Lake
  • Explore historical Chinese Monastery
  • Enjoy the trekking at Mt. Kailash
  • Enjoy the back riding of yak at Mt. Kailash
  • Visit Tashilumpo Monastery and seat of Panchen Lama
  • Stroll around the local market of Lhasa
  • See the lifestyle of locals

Day Wise Itinerary

Day 1 : Kathmandu - Zhangmu (130km)

On the first day of your arrival at Zhangmu which is around 130 kms from Kathmandu (you will have to arrange your own transportation from Kathmandu to Zhangmu and cross the Friendship Bridge plus Chinese Customs).

Our escort will pick you up and take you to your hotel in Zhangmu. Dinner and night stay at the hotel only.

Day 2 : Zhangmu - Nyelam (30km)

Next day, after breakfast we shall move on to Nyelam – a small town filled with natural beauty. Its just a 30 kms drive; yet it takes time to reach the place as the road is pretty zig -zag and we have to drive at a minimal pace.

On reaching Nyelam; enjoy the hot refreshments and the scenic bonanza. Night stay and dinner shall be at the hotel.

Day 3 : Nyelam - Saga (240km)

Our next destination is Saga which is around 240 kms from Nyelam. So, next morning, soon after breakfast we will move on. On the way see Mt. Shishapangma – the mountain at an altitude of 8000+ within the territory of Tibet.

On the way, during lunchtime we will stop at the beautiful Pekusto Lake – largest in Shigatse area. Enjoy the cool water of this lake as we serve you lunch here.

In the evening, we shall reach Saga Hotel where dinner shall be served. Here we will also brief you about next days plan.

Day 4 : Saga - Manasarovar Lake (480km)

Our next days plan moves around trekking at Mt. Kailash. Before reaching Mt. Kailash, you have to cover a distance of 270 kms from Paryang to Lake Mansarovar.

On reaching Mansarovar – the revered lake of Lord Shiva; you will feel like as if you have seen heaven. It’s so pristine and beautiful that it cannot be compared to anything else in the world! Sit here and enjoy the natural sketch of God himself!

Here after sitting for sometime – we will take you to historical Chinese Monastery which lies on the left side of the Lake. See the intrinsic carving and painting here. At this point you can also get a good view of Mt. Kailash and Gurla Mandata.

In the evening, we will take you to the Guest house for dinner and night rest.

Day 5 : Manasarovar Lake - Zhada (240km)

Our next destination is Zahada – a small city with just 100000 people residing; yet it’s as beautiful as can be. This Chinese Autonomous City is more beautiful than one can even imagine.

On reaching this place we will the traces of once prosperous and powerful Guge Kingdom. It has also got some of the most unique landscapes in the world.

On the way to Zahada we will show you Tholing Monastery where we will serve you snacks. Night stay and dinner and Zahada city only!

Day 6 : Zhada - Guge Kingdom - Zhada (40 km)

On the 6th day of your tour we will show you around some of the best places of Zahada including Guge Kingdom. Move around in this naturally landscaped place and see the ruins of once prominent Tsaparang Guge Kingdom which ran along with Sutlej river. Some of the temples of that era are still intact can be seen with a close look!

You will also find exquisite murals, decorative motifs and more – some dating back to more than 10, 000 years – making it a memorable tour! And while you look at these things, do not forget to look at the colour of the sky. Its simply awesome.

For dinner and night stay we will be back to Zahada.

Day 7 : Zhada - Mt. Kailash (250 km)

Zahada to Mt. Kailash is a distance of just 250 kilometers. And so, we will drive after finishing a heavy breakfast next morning. It will be later half of the day when you will reach the guest house. Take rest for the oncoming journey and have dinner.

Day 8, 9 & 10 : Mt. Kailash

Coming next three days are going to be the most memorable ones as on these days we will cover – Mt Kailash and do some trekking there.

For this we will drive to Darchen from where you will have to cover the distance to Mt. Kailash on the back of Yak.

Trekking begins from day 1st. Mt. Kailash which is considered the adobe of Hindu Lord Shiva, is also a sacred mountain for 4 Asian religions – Tibetan, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

As per the mythology, it is the holy adobe of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati! Thus, it is believed that by taking a full circle around this heavenly adobe of Shiva, one achieves Moksha!

The Kora or trekking of the Mount will end at Tarchen! In all the 3 days when you will cover the distance, you stay and food arrangements will be done in mid of the trekking. You stay will be at pre – decided places only!

Day 11 : Mt.Kailash - Saga (490km)

Once you have taken a dip in the holy air of Mt. Kailash; we will take you back to Saga. It’s been a long way to Mt. Kailash; so we have kept the coming days for rest. Take good rest, have hot coffee/tea and sleep tight.

Those who have energies still left can take a tour of Saga City only along with their tour guide.

Day 12 : Saga - Shigatse (470km)

Next morning, after finishing breakfast we will drive back to Shigatse – the second largest city of Tibet. On reaching here, if time allows one can take a general tour of the city along with the Tour Guide. Dinner shall be served in the hotel.

Day 13 : Shigatse - Lhasa

Soon after finishing breakfast in Shigatse, we will take you to Tashilumpo Monastery – seat of Panchen Lama, equally important religious figure as Dalai Lama himself. First build in the year 1447; it houses the largest idol of Lord Buddha in entire Tibet. In the afternoon, soon after lunch we will drive back to Lahasa city. Night stay and dinner sall be at Lhasa city only.

Day 14 : Lhasa City Tour

Lahasa is a well developed city and has got several places to see around. So, the first thing in morning we will see the landmark of Lahasa – Lhasa Potala Palace. It’s the winter Palace of Dalai Lama.

After this we shall see Tibetan – Buddhist Jokhang Temple – second most prominent place in the city. It is also amazingly beautiful. Interestingly, both of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites too.

In the evening, we will go to the local market Backhor Street. Shop here for souverniers and other local manufacturings! Dinner of authentic taste shall be served in the hotel only!

Day 15 : Lhasa Sightseeing

On the second last day of your tour; we will show two well known monasteries of Tibet – Drepung and Sera Monastry. Basically these are universities on the levels of OXFORD UNIVERSITY and only well – versed Monks come here for further studies.

Drepung Monsatry used to the Winter Palace of Dalai Lama until the 5th Dalai Lama changed his residence to Potala Palace. Next we will see the Sera Monastry where Scripture Debating is done on daily basis. This will consume your whole day.

Lunch shall be served mid – way and dinner at the hotel.

Day 16 : Lhasa (Departure)

On the last day; we will see you off to your scheduled flight or train.

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