Tana Toraja Regency, Indonesia

Want to have a look at the rich and brilliant culture of Indonesia? You can simply find it right here at this location. Tana Toraja situated in South Sulawesi province lets you catch a glimpse of the Indonesian culture. The boat shaped houses and other buildings found here boast of the incredible architectural style. But more than the architecture, the people who live at this location make it welcoming for the travellers. They are regarded to be very humble and friendly ones. To visit this place is one of the perfect things you would do when you step in this country. There is natural beauty all around with cultural richness which gives way to having unforgettable moments.

Here is the list of things which a tourist can do while paying a visit to Tana Toraja


Go on an Adventurous Culinary Trip

Something which you should definitely try is the seafood here. Right from the moment you enter this destination, you will get lots of restaurants to choose from. They offer some delicious dishes and some are made from fresh seafood which is caught from the Sa'dan River that flows in the mountainous region of Tana Toraja. One of the incredible dishes which you can order here is Pa'piong. It is prepared using varied categories of meats, rice, and baked in bamboo.

Explore the Buntu Burake

Do not forget to take pictures of the spectacular view which you will be getting to look here. The majestic statue of Jesus Christ on a hill resembles a bit with the Brazil's Cristo Redentor. Tana Toraja offers you some wonderful opportunity to have beautiful moments with your travel group.

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Visit Kete Kesu

This village of Kete Kesu in Tana Toraja holds some brilliant history regarding how the first people of this place lived. The culture and tradition found in this village is as authentic as it was at the time of old age. You can see the heritage and historical findings once you pay a visit here. Plan a trip to Kete Kesu if you have some interest in knowing about the traditions and early life of Tana Toraja people.

Enjoy Scenic Beauty at Gunung Nona Enrekang

To add adventurous element to your trip, just visit Gunung Nona Enrekang which is situated two hours away from Tana Toraja. This is regarded as the best transit for the ones travelling from Makassar to Tana Toraja. The scenery present here will leave you in awe of this place.

Shop at the Local Market

Come at this spot to see the small herders carrying their buffaloes such as Tedong Bongas, exotic albino buffaloes and what not. The buffaloes can be purchased in billions of rupiah. The buyers investigate the defects in the buffaloes while the sellers appreciate their unique characteristics. This tradition of purchasing the animal carries historical significance in the Torajan culture. To witness this different kind of activity, just visit the local markets of Tana Toraja.

Have Some Unique Trip to Batutumonga

Providing some refreshing landscape and beautiful mountains, the city of Batutumonga is a popular tourist spot. You get to observe the nature and its beauty here by looking at the spectacular mountains which are located well above the clouds. Experiencing the scenery at this destination during sunrise is a thing which you should not miss. It should surely be on your list.

Go to Sa'dan Weaving Center

To get some detailed knowledge about weaving and its process, just plan a visit to Sa'dan weaving center. The Torajan fabric which is woven at this center carries importance because of the fact that it is used in various kinds of traditions and events. The process of weaving this fabric requires huge amount of detailing along with the expertise. Not only does this trip lead to the addition in your knowledge about the Torajan culture, but also makes it a perfect recommendation where you will have some wonderful experience.

Rafting in white water

Sa'dan and Mai'ting are the two rivers where you can do white water rafting. For this, you can hire a local operator who provide packages for the same purpose. It is definitely a fun idea to do such activity but sometimes it gets a bit dangerous, so be careful in going for it.

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Visit Tilanga spring water

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Tilanga spring water offers the tourists some golden opportunity to jump into this natural pool and forget about everything for a while. This lake can be found situated between the rocks and the lush green trees. You can easily reach this place without any difficulties. You need not take a trek to visit this natural pool.

This destination of Tana Toraja is the ideal one for the tourists who want to explore the cultural richness and beauty of Indonesia. Here, you have so many activities to opt for. It is a destination which should be definitely considered by everyone stepping in this country. This recommendation will not disappoint rather you will come back to your place after exploring and experiencing something worth knowing about.

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