Amarnath, Jammu & Kashmir

History of Amarnath Yatra

It is believed that Bhrigu Muni was the first person who had discovered Amarnath. There a quite a long time which is said to be the valley Kashmir which later was submerged in the water. Besides, it is said that Kashyap Muni had drained in it through rivulets. in the Rajatarangini book, it is stated that Amarnath which was also popular by the name of Amareshwara is said to have received gifts like Banalingas, Trishul and even sacred emblems by Queen Suryamati.

When the water got inside, then people started seeing the Lord Bholenath pilgrimage for which lakhs of people participated. As per the research, it is belied that local Gadara community had first founded the Amaranth cave and were the first one to have Baba Barfani glimpse.

How To Register For Amarnath Yatra

Basically the registration and is the use of the yatra is done online, it is of course first come first serve basis. The registration starts from different bank branches and there is only one permanent per yatri. There is a registration branch that is allotted for the quota of registration to the yatris. This would make sure several yatris are registered but don’t exceed the limit.

It is expected that an application form along with Compulsory Health Certificate and insurance plan needs to be submitted to issue CHC along with the documents that would be asked. The official shall then issue a route as per the color code for the day that has been printed on the permit of the yatra. If all things are in order then yatri will be asked for the payment and then yatri shall have to get a seal from the bank to get the validity done. Before Yatra permit is issued to the applicant, the Registration Officer will record certain crucial details too.

Local Restaurants & Foods To Enjoy in Amarnath

When you are in Amarnath yatra, you don't relay have to be worried at all since such type of yatra offers the best of food and is designed for all ages. But yes, you shall not be given non-vegetarian food because according to Hindus, the place they shall be visiting is a holy one. There is a committee of lungar that takes care of everything right from the shelter, food till medical aid. There are also washrooms and even lodging facilities. For better security, even CCTV cameras are installed.

Talking further about the food, it poha and Upma which is being served. It surely tastes nice and there is no compromise eking made with the food quality at all. Food arrangement is done considering the interest of every pilgrim in mind. The services of Lnagar shall surely give you the mouth relishing food which can make the yatra a lot easier since the construction of the tunnel is quite unpredictable.

Best Time to Visit Amarnath

If you are planning to visit Amarnath and not relay sure things about it, then the first thing you need to know that people mostly plan for the trip between June to September since it is quite a pleasant experience. This type of option is one of the best ones you can think of visiting as the travelers may not be brave but when they cross the high altitudes they surely will not be disappointed too. There are also psychical challenges that devote have to go through but in the end, it is all worth.

The yatra to Amarnath is all about reaching the holy cave which is more like an annual pilgrimage for Hindus. The cave includes holy lingam and is a sign of Lord Shiva. It is an amazing spot for Hindus which they visit once in their lie. This pilgrimage has been an attraction of many devotees or which the rush is equally quite high too. That is why, you need to be careful.

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