What to Eat in Srinagar

Srinagar cuisine is very diverse and flavorful because of the variety of indigenous ingredients and local spices that flourish in the valley regions. The cuisine of Srinagar is greatly influenced by Mughals. The authentic Mughal dishes spiked with spices like fennel, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are quite common here. If you are a vegetarian, the cuisine does have a few unique varieties to try. However, meat and fish are the main ingredients in any signature dish. If you are thinking about What to Eat in Srinagar then find here 20 Famous Food to Eat in Srinagar:

20 Famous Foods of Srinagar

1. Rogan Josh

This is a Mughal styled aromatic and spicy lamb dish. This is a signature dish of numerous areas of Kashmir Valley. The unique flavor comes from the caramelized onion, cooked with spices and yogurt.

2. Modur Pulav

Srinagar is famous for some of the exotic spices like saffron, green cardamom, and others. The sweetened Kashmiri rice, Modur Pulav is a delicacy, which is flavored with green cardamom, saffron, almonds, cashew, and sugar. A generous amount of ghee is used to create a distinctive flavor to this rice dish.

3. Matschgand

This is a dish of minced meat, which is famous among meat-lovers. The dish is hot and spiked with local spices. The thick red gravy gives an aromatic touch to the dish.

4. Shab Daig

This is a local delicacy in which turnip is cooked with lamb (or any meat). This dish originated from Kashmir and spread to numerous states of North India. Today, this is an iconic dish of Srinagar. Shab-night; daigh – pot. The dish is cooked overnight slowly to soften the ingredients.

5. Haakh

Collard greens are very common in this region. This dish combines collard greens with cottage cheese, and any type of meat (usually mutton).

6. Yakhni

Yakhni is one of the distinctive dishes, which uses less of spices. It is quite uncommon to find mild dishes in this cuisine. Mutton is cooked with bay leaves, cardamom, and cloves, in this dish.

7. Nader ti Gaad

This is a fish delicacy. In this, the fish is cooked along with lotus stem. This is famously made during any festivals.

8. Bakarkhani

This is a common dish throughout Kashmir and surrounding regions. This is naan-like bread with sesame seed, served for breakfast along with a spicy side dish.

9. Kashmiri Naan

This is another naan dish, which is made with nuts and sultanas. You can find it in almost all traditional bakeries.

10. Goagji Razmah

This is a simple vegetarian dish made with kidney beans. Kidney beans are slow cooked with turnip and local spices. It is served with hot rice.

11. Wajwan

This is an Islamic dish, which contains numerous small dishes in it. The platter is served with meat dishes, lentil dishes, rice, and others. Usually, Kashmiri Wazwan is served with 36 courses.

12. Seekh Kebabs

Seekh Kebabs are very famous throughout the country and even in international destinations. In Srinagar, the dish is made with spicy Kashmiri chilies. It is a minced meat dish cooked over open fire on an iron rod. It is called Tujji by locals.

13. Dum aloo

Aloo – potato. This is a potato stir fry dish, which is aromatic and spicy. The dish is flavored with fennel, ginger powder, chili, and other spices.

14. Harissa

This is a breakfast meat dish, which is made by slow cooking the meat with mild spices and hand stirring it, until it gets a soupy thick consistency.

15. Aab Gosht

This is another mutton dish, which is made with milk, black pepper, cardamom, and several other spices. You can also find Iranian styled Aab Gosht in Srinagar.

16. Lyodur Tschaman

This is a vegetarian dish that originated from hill regions of Kashmir. This is a dish made with turmeric gravy and cottage cheese. This is a creamy dish served with rice.

17. Nader Monje

This is a famous street food, which is similar to French fries. However, lotus stem is cut similar to the fries, dipped in besan mix and fried in a large amount of oil.

18. Gaad Monje

This is a crispy fish dish. Fish is deep fried in oil and is served with curd chutney mixed with radish.

19. Masaal

This is a chickpea wrap. A mixture of chickpea with masala is wrapped in traditional bread and served hot. You can find vendors selling this from wicker baskets.

20. Kashmiri Chicken Biriyani

This dish is the traditional biriyani, with a variety of spices added to bring out the unique flavor. The Kashmiri biriyani is distinctively orange in color and the meat is cooked dry, unlike other types of biriyani around the country.

21. Tobruk Halwe

This is a dessert made with semolina. Semolina is cooked with large amount of ghee, and numerous dry fruits. It is garnished with nuts and usually is yellow in color because of the added yellow food coloring.

Local Beverages in Srinagar

Noon Chai

Noon- salt. This is a pinkish salty tea, which is made with milk, salt, soda bicarbonate, and black tea.


This is a green tea, which is made with walnuts, almonds, saffron, and other spices. There are more than 20 different types of this tea. The most common variety in Srinagar is Maugal Chai.

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