Bhaderwah, Jammu & Kashmir

The city fondly known as Mini Kashmir is Bhaderwah. It comprises of everything unique of Kashmir in one place, such as the green smooth meadows, rough hills, gushing fresh streams and coniferous trees all around. It is a tourist destination to make your soul happy. The city is at the altitudes of 1613 meters. It is a peaceful city sitting in the foothills of Himalayas. Bhaderwah is known for its wide range of snakes found here. The place has gathered a local name of Nagon Ki Bhumi translating to the land of snakes.

Bhadarwah is a very old city as it can be found related in the time period of Mahabharata also. It has also been compared to Switzerland for the enchanting scenic beauty of the place. The air is so fresh and in summers you can see so such a large variety of flowers; local and wild as well as colourful tulips. The people are warm and welcoming as this city has a higher literacy rate as compared to many others in the state. The weather is also a little better than the other in the state so; it is abundant in produce of vegetables, fruit and grains. Mushrooms are a speciality of the region.

The area is also famous for snow tigers, rarely found in other parts of the world. The topography of the area is suitable for adventure sports. You can get to experience paragliding and horse riding during the months of summer. While; in winters you can enjoy snow skiing and snow-boarding. You can also do river rafting and fishing. The area is a famous camping ground for those who like to stay close to Mother Nature.

Best Places To Visit in Bhaderwah

Chinta valley

At the height of 6500 ft the magestica Jhelum has a tributary by the name of Chinta Nallah passing through the valley. There are lush green trees all around and the view is as if a wonderful painting has come alive and you get to roam around in it. The photographer in you will be happy to take a few pictures of the region. The sharpest point in the region is Thuba, giving a clearer view of the whole valley. There is an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the region hidden form the eyes of most people. There an option of a trek up to the Subarnag Temple at the height of 10200 ft. You can see below the entire valley in one glance.

Seoj Valley

It is fondly called the crown of Bhaderwah. There is the holy Kailash lund surrounded by snow clad mountains full of lush green coniferous trees. In the close vicicnity leais the marvellous Shank Paddar. The meadow in Seoj is replenished by the river water so it so full of life. In summers the vegetation is full of amazing collection of flowers and soft green grass. It is also a favored camping site for those who like to trek on the mountains and explore the untouched side of nature.


This place is at the height of 10500 ft so there is snow even in the month of june. The area is thronged by pilgrims in the month of july as the proceed toward theri destination of Mani Mahesh yatra or while going to Amarnath.

Bhaderwah Fort

At a distance of mere 3 kms from the main city you can see the entire city form this fort. It was constructed in the year of 1733 by former rulers of Bhaderwah and Chamba. It has been a hiding place for many freedom fighters of different timeperiods like Pt. Kashyap Bandu, Sant Singh Teg and fromer CM Sheikh Muhammad Abdulla. It was a jail for some time around 1919 but did not remain the same for long. It is a site which reflects the heritage of the site in a good condition till date. There are light and sound systems to help tourists understand even more in depth about the region.

Gupt ganga temple

This temple is on the riverside of River Neru. The temple is believed to have been mentioned in the Mahabharata as there is a stone with a huge footprint believed to be of Bhima. There is a cave in the vicinity which is believed to be the route followed by the pandavas to go for their hidden journey. As an interesting fact about the temple there is a Shiva Linga on which a small stream of water falls upon it and vanishes a little later; the same water is believed to re-immerge outside the temple. This water gets collected in a small pond. This water is considered sacred and stays cool in summers while warm in winters.

Vasuki Naag Temple

There are idols made of black stone of Raja Jamute Vahan and Naagraj Vasuki. The amazing thing is that the idols are not erect, but at an angle of 87 degrees without any additional support. There have been many earthquakes in the region but the idols did not fall. This has enhanced the number of devotees visiting this temple as the years are passing.

Khani Top

A lush green meadow at the height of 8000 ft serves as the perfect location for paragliding activity. If you do not want that type of thrill, still it is an awesome place to be with your loved ones and spend some quality time the view of sunrise and sunset are breathtaking.

Jai Valley

Jai nallah flows through the valley and then forms a waterfall with great gushing speed. The area is also used for the activity of rock climbing by many extreme adventure sport lovers. The valley itself is like a fairy land with beautiful river flowing through green hills and snow top mountains. There are many rare herbs also found in the region so if there is a bit of a biologist in you, you may have some fun time exploring the plants around you.

How To reach Bhaderwah?

If you want to come by air the closest airport would be Jammu airport. Jammu airport is well connected with all major cities of India. The services are provided by all major domestic players. From there on you can hire a cab and go as you like. By rail route also there is no direct station so you can choose to go to Udhampur or Jammu Tawi. Udhampur is 120 kms away while, Jammu Tawi is 206 kms.

The only difference would be that the number of trains is more at Jammu Tawi station. From there on you will have to complete the journey by road. On your way you can stop over at places like Batote and Patnitop.

Best Time To Visit Bhaderwah

Bhaderwah is an all season destination as there will always be something in-stored for you. In the summers you can get a comfortable day temperatures to move around and explore the area on foot if you want. You will be welcomed by smiling flowers in the meadows among lush green patches. The trees are a darker shade of green. Rivers having fresh and full flow of water are a delight to see. You can have fun enjoying paragliding and horse riding in this season. But if you love to so snow sports and don’t mind the chill go in winters.

Things to do in Bhaderwah

During summer time you can do paragliding, horse-riding, camping, picnic and much more. It is a good time to go with the family. You can also catch the precious fish trout with prior permission. As for the thrill lovers in winter you can do skiing and snow-boarding.

Bhaderwah is a perfect destination for spending some quality time with family. If you are a solo traveller still you can have a great time enjoying the valley. There is so much peace and serenity in the area that you will be rejuvenated from within.

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