Suru Basin, Jammu & Kashmir

Suru Basin is a perfect amalgamation of mountains and river along with glacier. This dazzling valley is situated at the height of 3000 mtr located in the foothills of Himalayas. In this valley the catchment area of Suru River has been developed. This river is formed due to the melting of Panzella Glacier. When the glacier melts the water slowly flows down hill and makes the area fertile. This is the most suited area for cultivation in the entire Ladakh region. It is full of lush green grass and colourful flowers in the wild. The area has many tributaries of the Indus river, Drass river and many more too.

The area can be signified by the high peaks of NUN and KUN. NUN peak is at the height of 7135 mts and KUN peak is at the height of 7035 mtrs. Many adventure lovers go trekking up these Peaks. These peaks are snow-clad in the winters and skiing can also be done on them. Form the top of these peaks the rest of the region can be seen in a single glance. The whole region is like a fairy tale come alive. The river flowing in the middle of a meadow is so mesmerizing. When you visit this place you will not want to leave soon.

Best Places to visit in Suru Basin

1. Suru valley

This place itself is the perfect place for taking pictures and enjoying snow sports in the winters. Lush green patches with river flowing through them will awaken the photographer in any one. And if you are an artist then this place is heaven for you. You can sit back and do painting, write a poem or a story. And as for others, you can have some quality time with family. If you are a solo traveller then also it is a good spot to relax and enjoy.

2. Karste valley

A bowl shaped valley in the Sankoo Valley. This valley is fed by the Karste river coming from the Rangdum pass and then finally falling into Suru River. There are flowers of rare species in the wild and majorly untouched by humans. Many people choose to go for trekking form here into various directions to explore nature at its best in Sankoo and Mulbek.

3. Karste River

This is a river cutting through the valley and making it even more fertile. This is known to be a tributary of the Suru River. An old village by the name of Karste-khar is settled on the riverside. It has old hoses made of wood and very humble people staying there.

4. Kartse Khar

In the old village there is this very old statue of Lord Buddha. It is around 7 ft tall and believed to be as old as 7th century. In the vicinity there are two monasteries and hamlets. Buddhism was followed in this region a long time ago. There is influence of Tibetan culture in the village and monasteries. Peace prevails here and you can sit and meditate for as long as you want. Otherwise exploring around will be equally satisfying for your soul. This place is far away from hustle and bustle of any town.

5. Nun- Kun Mountains

They are a pair of highest peaks on the Indian side of LOC in Kashmir. They lie in the rough and rugged landscape of Zanskar valley. Height of Nun is 7135 meters while that of Kun is 7035 meters. They are connected by a plateau of around 2 miles in between. There are other peaks in the area called Barmal, White Needle and Pinnacle Peak in the formation of a horse shoe around the Suru river.

6. Rangdum Monastery

It is a Tibetan monastery on top of a hill at 4031 meters. It looks like a fort. There is a tourist bungalow and tree houses for you to explore.

7. Shargole monastery

This monastery has been carved on the top of a granite cliff. There is an idol of Avalokiteshvara believed to be the Mahayana God of mercy and compassion.

8. Paikhar

It serves as the base camping site for many mountaineers. After this actually the altitude change is steep and there is very less space to set up a big camp. Thus major supplies are left behind here and only the refills and most important stuff is only taken from here.

Things to do in Suru Basin

You can mostly enjoy trekking and camping in the region apart from sightseeing. You will see that the pace of life is very slow. You can savour upon juicy fresh fruits, plucking them yourself from the trees. The serene environment will help you get rejuvenated from within. You can spend quality time with family or even spend time in solace if you are a solo traveller. Photography can be explored and an artist can enjoy the most. The rivers allow fishing options too, but with prior permission only.

When should you go to Suru Basin?

As you know it is a very cold place all the year round. So; the best time for tourists is the summer time. The day will be welcomingly warm with sun shining bright, though the nights will still be cold. The valley will be full of lush green grass and trees in full bloom. Though the summer is a small time there will not be much vegetation, but you can enjoy the local flowers growing in the meadows in the valley. For those who are interested in snow sports and are looking for adventure the best time will be to go in winters. All you will need to do is be prepared for sub-zero level temperatures at night. Don’t let frost bite get you; rest all is good.

The valley is a wonderful place to enjoy, but never go to far alone. It is very easy to lose track of your route and get lost in the wild. All the tracks will look the same to outsiders. Take a local person or an experienced person with you so that you can make the most of it. Have fun and be safe.

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