Top Tourist Attractions in North East India

North-East India is the land enclosed with bounteous nature filled with ruddy mountains, glistering streams, and charming culture. The land is diverse with the seven sister destinations and Arunachal Pradesh. Iconic destinations of the land are Gangtok, Ziro, Kaziranga National Park, Tura, Majuli, Mawsynram, Tawang, Shillong, and others. The states of this region are flourishing with mighty mountain landscape, deep woods, and a diverse culture that comes from the international destinations covering the boundaries.

Apart from the vast stretches of natural beauty, the Tibetan spiritualism and cuisine add spice to your vacation. There are 51 different types of forests found in this region, which makes it the land of numerous natural reserve areas. Thus, it is an excellent spot for wildlife tourism. The indigenous tribal population of this region makes it the best place for tribal vacation.


North East India is not just nature, culture, cuisine, and spirituality. This is the land of unique adventure experiences too. Top exotic adventure activities to experience in this region are caving, mountain cycling, hand gliding, rappelling, kayaking, wild camping, and others.

The history of most of the regions of North East India is clouded in mystery. This region has safeguarded its lifestyle from commercialism. Thus, if you wish to enjoy a vacation closer to nature, this is the best region to visit.