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The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is famous for the crystal clear view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and a panoramic mountain skyline. Gangtok is the destination if you are looking for prismatic beauty, Himalayan adventure activities, and indigenous culture. There are numerous Himalayan hill towns, but Gangtok is the best choice for those who love an outdoor vacation.

Gangtok means hill top and the place has an apt name because it is surrounded by majestic peaks. Thanks to the Himalayan mountainous landscape, you can find many interesting attractions like waterfalls, viewpoints, high altitude lakes, and much more. Such a unique climate and landscape make Gangtok, the right place for spotting numerous species of orchids and wild floral varieties. However, remember to choose summer to enjoy such a colorful vacation. Gangtok is the window to China. Reach the Nathula Pass and see Chinese soldiers guarding their border, or get a bird’s eye view by riding the ropeway, which runs for one kilometer.

Gangtok’s history is partly unknown and mystic. It was a tiny boondock for monasteries and Buddhism communities until 19 th century. Later, it became an important pilgrimage destination. Soon, British converted into a trade center. Today, the land is a cultural and natural holiday destination. The second best element about Gangtok is the culture. Since it is the border land, the place is filled with numerous communities from surrounding countries. This cultural diversity is the identity of Gangtok.

The city is famous for its long list of religious and regional festivals and a unique fusion cuisine. Do you want to enjoy the culture of the land? You ought to visit during any festival and enjoy traditional activities. If you are up for adventure time, you should choose the right month that allows you to experience both water and high altitude activities. Are you planning a friends’ tour? Remember to cover all the nightlife destinations of Gangtok. In a nutshell, Gangtok is what you want it to be and how you craft your itinerary.

Below are some of the top suggested Gangtok Tour Packages, which covers the essence of Gangtok in short tours or give an in-depth introduction to the culture and heritage of the land with long tours. You can pick a specific theme for your vacation in Gangtok or have a holistic tour in this Himalayan kaleidoscopic paradise.

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