Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro is a small town located in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. Blessed with an abundance of green landscapes and exotic topographies, the town has been nominated for shortlisting in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. What makes the valley stand out from any other place in the region are the exotic paddy fields surrounded by tall pine and bamboo trees. Besides being a major tourist destination in Northeast India, it is also a trekkers’ paradise. The people of the valley mostly comprise of local Apatani tribe who are very friendly and loving.

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Ziro valley is blessed with breathtaking tourist destinations to welcome its visitors with. Some of the popular attractions are as under:

  • Meghna Cave Temple
  • Midey
  • Tarin Fish Farm
  • Kile Pakho
  • Dolo Mando Trekking

Things to do in Ziro Valley

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There are plenty of amazing things to do in Ziro Valley. Some of the best things are listed as under:

  • Trekking in Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary : Located as just 32 km away from Ziro and engrossed with lush green landscape, this sanctuary offers an adventurous trekking trail through dense forests like ferns, bamboo, orchids, silver fir, and rhododendron. One can trek while enjoying the natural retreats and exotic flora and fauns.
  • Visit to Tipi Orchid Research Center : This orchid center is home to around 1000 species of orchid. This place is a must visit.
  • Donyi-Polo Shrine : The villagers gather at the Donyi-Polo shrine on Sundays for mass prayers to worship the Sun, moon, and nature. You can visit the shrine to pay your homage.
  • Relish over sumptuous local cuisines : The local cuisines of Ziro valley are the yummiest and healthiest among cuisines of mainland India. The food is prepared with minimum oil and spices. Mostly home-made herns are used. Non-vegetarian food is widely popular. People mostly consume rice with boiled veggies, and meat like beef, pork, boar, fish cooked with bamboo shoot and ghost chilli.
  • Experience the local life : Explore the simple life of the local people. They have opened up their homes as an accommodation option to boost tourism in the region. You will be greeted with warm hospitality and awesome food. Spend time with them and learn about their rich cultures and traditions.
  • Ziro Music Festival : If you are lucky enough to visit the valley during the last week of the Festival, you should not miss out on the Ziro Music Festival. It is one of the grandest outdoor music festivals in India.

Education in Ziro Valley

The education scenario in Ziro is quite developed and up to date. It is termed as the schooling center of Arunachal Pradesh as it has a large number of schools. It also has a University by the name Indira Gandhi Technological and Medical Sciences University and an Arts college named Saint Claret College. The young generation of the region is quite dedicated and serious about studies and education. The literacy rates of the region are also impressive.

The climate of Ziro Valley

The valley witnessed three major seasons during the year, namely, summer, winter, and monsoon. Summer months are from April to June in which the average temperature remains between6 to 20 degrees Celsius making the climate quite warm.

Monsoons begin from July and last till mid-September with the average temperature ranging between 2 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Winters occur in October and last till March. The temperature at night drops as low as -13 degrees Celsius during winters making the valley extremely cold. However, during daylight, the temperature is quite normal remaining at around 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Best Time to Visit Ziro Valley

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Ziro Valley enjoys pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year. Hence, one can plan a visit to Ziro valley at any time of the year. However, the period from October to April is considered the best time to visit this place. The valley is seen at its best appearance at this time with vivid greenery everywhere and clear skies during daylight. The temperature drops quite low during winters, but during the day the temperature is pleasant and bearable.

How to Reach Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley is a popular tourist destination in Northeast India and has good connectivity from different parts of the country. One can reach Ziro Valley through the following modes:

By Air: If you are traveling from any other place in India, then you can board a flight to Jorhat Airport, Jorhat or Lilabari Airport, North Lakhimpur. Both these airports are situated in the northeastern state of Assam. Jorhat Airport is just at a distance of 98km from Ziro with several road and bus services till Ziro. Lilabari airport is 123km away from Ziro.

If you are a foreign traveler, you can board a flight to Guwahati, as the above-mentioned airports do not serve international flights. The rest of the journey can be completed by road.

By Rail: To travel to Ziro Valley by train, one must board a till to Naharalagun (100km) or North Lakhimpur (117km). There is only one train from New Delhi that runs once in a week till Naharlagun by the name “Naharla

New Delhi AC Superfast Express”. The “Arunachal AC SF Express” operates from New Delhi to North Lakhimpur. There are multiple trains that run till North Lakhimpur and Naharalagun from Guwahati. The rest of the journey to Ziro can be done by bus or shared cabs.

By road: Travelling to Ziro all by road is not a popular choice, as it would attract multiple difficulties. Hence, boarding a train or a flight to the nearest destinations would be the best choice. From, night bus services are available operated by Arunachal Pradesh Government. The buses run four times a week and take about 11 hours.From North Lakhimpur and Jorhat, one can take a shared taxi or bus to reach Ziro Valley.

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