Amritsar Tours

Amritsar is famous for its Golden Temple and the chivalry of the culture. The city is a cultural epicenter of Sikhism. With this culture rich in heritage comes numerous festival and events that celebrates the religion, cuisine, tradition, and humanity.

Amritsar's name was derived from the lake, Amrit Sarovar, which was created by Guru Ram Das. The lake is said to have healing powers and then a temple was built around it. The village of the lake later became Chakk Ram Das and then became Amritsar. Just like its history, the land is also riddled with mystery and spirituality.

Top religious places to visit here are Sri Harmandir Sahib, Gurdwara Manji Sahib, Shivala Bhaian Temple, Akal Takht, Gopal Mandir, Tala Sahib Gurudwara, Gurdwara Bebaaksar Sahib, and others. During the colonial times, Amritsar was a noteworthy opponent to British rule. This is the land of Jalianwala Bagh massacre and the site of this massacre is an important destination to visit and pay tribute.

Other top places to visit in Amritsar are Wagah border, Guru ke Mahal, Hall Bazaar, Maharaja Ranjit Singh museum, Gurudwara Mata Kaulan, Khair-ud-din majid, Akal Takht, Gobindgarh fort, Harike wetland, and others.

Do not come to a conclusion that Amritsar is just for sightseeing and pilgrimage activities. Top activities to enjoy here are birdwatching, watching the border ceremony, museum surfing, souvenir hunting, and others. Do not miss the traditional cuisine of the land, which is rich with the aroma of clarified butter. Do not miss to taste the lassi of the land. September to March is the best time to cover Amritsar.

Do you want to enjoy a spiritual experience in Amritsar or, a cultural experience in Amritsar? Do you want to enjoy a holistic experience with all the essences of the land? Choose the right package based on the choice of your vacation. Below are the top tour packages covering Amritsar and surrounding regions. Choose the one that would make a perfect vacation worth remembering.

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