Ayur Ashram Kerala, Trivandrum


Ayur Ashram is a traditional Ayurvedic Treatment and Rejuvenation Centre located on the top of the hill, amidst lush greenery at Pachallor in Trivandrum. Medicinal plants are grown in its surrounding area. The aim of Ayur Ashram Kerala is to provide traditional Ayurvedic therapies according to ancient scriptures. The Ayurvedic medicines are prepared using traditional process at the ashram using medicinal herbs cultivated in its own garden for effective and maximum benefits. The authentic Ayurvedic treatment under expert guidance along with the ideal climate of the place provides maximum benefit.The Ashram is situated at a distance of 4 km from Kovalam Beach and has well-appointed rooms for comfortable stay.

Ayur Ashram Keralaprovides treatment for the following

Ayur Ashram is known for healing and curing diseases effectively like arthritis, back & joint pain, rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, lungs related diseases, allergy, hyper tension, diabetes, psoriasis and other skin problems, headache & migraine.

Ayurvedic Treatments :

The ashram is specialized in offering treatments like abhyungam, dhara, pizhichil, panchakarma, kizhi and udwartha.

Best Time to Visit :

Enjoy being there in between October to February

How to Reach :

Ayur Ashram can be visited easily for effective and traditional treatments as it is well connected through various modes of transport.

Nearest Airport

It is only 10 km away from Trivandrum International Airport which is its nearest airport.

Nearest Railway Station

The distance of Trivandrum Railway Station is 7 km from the Ashram making traveling convenient for the tourists.

By Road :

Regular buses from Pachallor to other major cities and vice-versa makes journey through road easier and cheaper.

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