Punarjani Ayurveda Centre, Bangalore

Punarjani is famous for providing holistic and curative Ayurvedic treatment. It has been a decade that Punarjani is offering the classic therapies to its visitors. It is located near the corporate office of Wipro on Sarjapur Road. Their unique process of offering authentic Ayurvedic treatments draws a large number of tourists to this Ayurvedic center. It has experienced doctors and yoga-instructors work together to provide new life to its patients. There is an organic garden which produces herbs with medicinal qualities and many vegetables & fruits.These organic products are used to prepare food for the patients of Punarjani and for their treatment.

Punarjani Ayurveda Centre offers treatments for the following disorders

A number of disorders can be cured with efficiency such as ageing, rheumatism, insomnia, memory Loss, headaches, brain related problems, high blood pressure, paralysis, muscular & neurological complaints, arthritis, spondylosis, sports injuries & joint pains, stress and strain, inflammatory disorders, psoriasis, facial palsy, low back ache and sciatica, kapha & mead, obesity, joints & muscles problem, short sightedness, blinking and eyestrains, gastro-Intestinal, hepato-biliary, ano rectal, cardio-vascular, respiratory, nervous disorders, endocrine, obstetric & gynecological, genito urinary, musulo skeletal, dermatological, hair problem and pediatrics.

Ayurvedic Treatments :

Punarjani treats these ailments through traditional therapies like choornasweda (Podikizhi), elakizhi (PatharapotalaSweda), herbal &steam bath, kativasthi, katidhara, njavarakizhi (Shashtikashali / SarasaPotalaSweda), pizhichil (Thailadhara), panchakarma (Five –fold purification therapy), sirovasthi, sirodhara, synchronized massage (Abhyanga), thakradhara, tharpanam and udwarthanam.

Best Time to Visit :

Between December and February is considered as the best time to visit Bangalore to seek treatments for the development of mind, body and soul.

How to Reach :

Reaching Bangalore is not a matter of concern for its visitors as it is well connected to all the major cities of the world and the cities within the country.

Nearest Airport

Nearest Airport to Sarjapur is Bengaluru International Airport, which is at a distance of about 62 km that connects the place with the major cities through several international and domestic flights.

Nearest Railway Station

Krishnarajapuram Railway Station junction is the nearest railhead with a distance of only 19 km.

By Road :

Besides, buses are there to connect the city with the nearby cities and towns making it reachable.

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