Haridwar Tours

Haridwar is one of the holiest ancient cities of the country. The city gets its premium sacredness because of the flowing River Ganges and the surrounding temples of Garhwal region. You can find numerous age-old temples, spiritual water bodies, glaciers, and much more scattered around in this temple town. Haridwar is associated with salvation. This is the place where people come to wash off their sins. Recently, Haridwar has become the site for rejuvenation and solo exploration. The mighty ranges and the perennial streams give a pristine nature and the cliché Himalayan climate adds more allure to the destination. The pilgrimage sites, rituals, and the spiritual elements are just one chapter of this mighty Hardiwar.

Haridwar stands as the gateway to Chardham, Devprayag, and numerous other religious sites. Haridwar is a cultural destination with numerous festivals, unique cuisine, and a traditional outlook on life. According to mythologies, this city was formed out of a drop of nectar of immortality. The region has been flourishing since 300 BC and thanks to River Ganges, the city is still considered as the pinnacle of purity. Apart from Hari ki Pauri, you can find numerous attractions like Vishnu Ghat, Bhimgoda, Gau Ghat, Chandi Devi Temple, Chilla wildlife sanctuary, Mansa Devi temple, and others.

Is Haridwar just for religious attractions and pilgrimage? Although a major part of tourism depends on the spirituality factor, if you choose the right itinerary, you can create an adventure vacation out of Haridwar with trekking, hiking, camping, mountain pass exploration, nature sightseeing, and others. It is important choose any religious event to cover if you wish to enjoy the colorful culture of the region.

Check out our themed tour packages to have a specialized experience in Haridwar. If you are looking for a pleasing time to enjoy outdoor activities and exploration, October to February is the best time. Choose early summers if you are looking for a simpler time to explore the region with a smaller crowd around you. Surf through the recommended packages to learn more about the faces of Haridwar for a tourist like you.

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