Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

Radhanagar Beach of Andaman and Nicobar Islands was recognized as one of the top aesthetic beaches of Asia in 2004 by the TIME magazine. This astounding natural beauty is attracting tourists with its serene ambiance, sugary white sand, and turquoise water. This beach is also called as Beach no: 7. The beach stretches for 2 km and is very famous among tourists. The beach is also famous for holding Andaman’s first luxury resort.

Things to do in Radhanagar Beach

Tourists love to spend a day on the beach and enjoy numerous interesting activities. Top activities to enjoy in Radhanagar Beach are

1. Sunbathing

Relax on the beach, under your umbrella. The lush trees along the beach give good place to pitch your hammock.

  • 2. Beach strolling

Strolling through the beach is an important romantic activity in this beach.

3. Beach picnic

Radhanagar Beach is a little crowded, especially during peak tourism season. However, you can find solitude spots to pitch your umbrella or hammock to enjoy a beach picnic.

4. Watching sunset

Watching sunset from Radhanagar Beach is one of the many interesting honeymoon activities to enjoy here.

Adventurous activities in Radhanagar Beach

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1. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a famous adventure activity in this region. South Button Island, closer to Radhanagar Beach is the right place to enjoy this activity. The island also has schools that offer certification courses in this activity.

2. Coral snorkeling

Radhanagar Beach does not have much of coral life. If you wish to enjoy snorkeling, you ought to visit Elephant Beach, closer to Radhanagar Beach. The beach is famous for its colorful coral life and interesting marine ecosystem, suitable for first time snorkelers too.

3. Trekking

Some tourists love to trek from Radhanagar beach to Elephant Beach to enjoy activities there. This trekking trail runs for 2 km and on an average, it takes 30 minutes. The best part about this trekking trail is that, you get to explore some of the hidden treasures along the Havelock Island.

4. Swimming

Radhanagar Beach is safe for swimming, except during peak monsoon season and after sunset. However, there are lifeguards in the beach from sunrise to sunset.

Nearby Attractions in Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is closer to numerous interesting destinations. Usually people love to trek to these destinations from Radhanagar Beach. Top such attractions are

  • Kalapathar Beach – famous for stunning landscape, beach picnic spots, and some solitude time.
  • Govind Nagar Beach – Famous for boating and solitude time.
  • Mangrove Forest – Famous for mangrove creeks, interesting coral reefs, and spotting unique flora and fauna
  • Elephant Beach – Famous for snorkeling, scuba diving, beach picnicking, boating, jet-skiing, and others. Honeymooners hire boats from jetty to watch sunset from the water.
  • Neil’s Cove – Famous for lagoons, swimming, and others

You can also find cafes and small shacks closer to the beach to enjoy seafood delicacies and simple refreshments.

Tips for visiting Radhanagar Beach

  • There are a few shacks closer to the beach, but they might not sell a lot of tourist items. Thus, if you are planning a beach picnic, shop at any market before you reach the beach.
  • You can find small changing rooms closer to the beach, if you wish to change to your beachwear.
  • You can find many beach resorts along the shoreline, and most of them are luxury options.
  • Two-wheelers from jetty to the beach will not be available during monsoon.
  • You can find shared jeeps and public buses from jetty to beach at specific timings.
  • If you wish to beat the crowd, you ought to visit very early in the morning. Watching sunrise is a wonderful experience from the beach.
  • Remember to swim only in the designated area. The nets will protect you from any crocodile attack.
  • Beach guards would not allow tourists to stay back in the beach after sunset.

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Entry fee of Radhanagar Beach

There is no entry fee or timing to visit the beach. The guards of the beach would not allow picnic or staying back in the beach after sunset. You can choose to spend time in any of the cafes after sunset, if you wish to do so. If you wish to enjoy any activities via a service provider, the charges of the activities depend on the service providers’ packages.

Best time to visit Radhanagar Beach

The best time to visit Radhanagar Beach is from October to February. During this season, the temperature will be mildly warm and pleasing (19 degrees to 26 degrees C). If you could handle hot and humid climate, March to May is also a good time to visit. Summer and winter are the right time to enjoy underwater activities too, as the visibility under the water will be high. By the end of June, the monsoon starts. Monsoon starts by June and ends by September. Monsoon might make the beach look more aesthetically pleasing, but the outdoor activities and underwater activities might be stopped due to heavy rains.

How to reach Radhanagar Beach?

Radhanagar Beach is located in the Havelock Island. The best way to reach Havelock Island is by taking a jetty from any of the major islands of the region, including Port Blair. Seaplanes were available from Port Blair, but most of such services have been stopped in recent times. Every day, two government boats travel from Port Blair to Havelock Island. Apart from these, there are numerous private service providers.

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From the jetty in Havelock Island, the Radhanagar Beach is 12 km away. Some avid adventure lovers trek their way to the beach from the jetty. You can also hire cabs, autos, or rickshaws to reach the beach. You can also hire cycles from the jetty. Remember that cycling would be a  good choice for moderately fit travelers.

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