Havelock Island - India's Most Secret Place in Andaman

Havelock Islands is the largest one situated in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This heaven comprises of calming beaches, coral reefs and platform for adventurous water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and many other options. Being 30 kilometres away from Port Blair, this is the most visited island when one talks about Andaman. Even after being packed up with travellers, this island still has its beauty intact like before only. Mass tourism has not affected this destination at all.

Havelock is a group of small islands which are called upon as Ritchie's Archipelago. Finding its location 30 kilometres east of Andaman, this tourist place is popularly known for its beaches, water sports, adventure activities, trekking, etc. Among the many beaches you find here, Radhanagar Beach is considered to be the one filled with utmost beauty. Coming to the water sports, you can enjoy scuba diving here where experienced and professional guides will provide you with instructions and equipments for the same. Along with this, one can go for snorkeling which earlier used to be famous activity among the foreign travel groups. But nowadays, it is getting popularity among the Indian nationals also. Another activity which makes the travel to Havelock island interesting is trekking. You will get to experience lot of trekking trails once you step in here.

Why Visit this place

Andamans provide home to wide variety of biodiversity. Over 5,000 animal species can be found here. Easily reachable by private guided tours or a government ferry, you can explore the beauty of this destination by visiting the diverse options of beaches it has. Radhanagar Beach can be visited by boat and nobody will want to miss this paradise. Havelock islands is away from the hustle and bustle of city life thereby letting the travellers and enthusiasts enjoy their vacation by being in a serene atmosphere.

 Best time to Visit Havelock Island

If you want to have a wonderful time by indulging yourself in water sports and adventure activities, then you should come here between January to May.

Places to Stay

You don't have to worry about your stay at Havelock islands because it has everything beginning from beach huts to the luxury hotels. Vijaynagar provides place to some of the affordable hotels where you will have comfortable stay. Some of the luxury hotels also arrange for your travel requirements in and around the island area.

Places to Enjoy food

The travellers on arriving here will observe many restaurants and stalls serving delicious food. Sea food is prevalent at this travel destination. There are few dhabas and restaurants that prepare both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for the visitors. The perfect seafood can be found near the Vijaynagar Beach area. Continental, Chinese, Punjabi, Italian, Spanish and South Indian dishes can be ordered at this beach.

Souvenirs one should buy from here:

You can pick any handicraft item made out of coconut shells such as bowls, hanging plant holders or dishes. Also, you have the option of purchasing woven souvenirs which are made with the help of tropical fibrous jute plant.

Places that you can See Here:

Govind Nagar Beach

This beach begins with a line of hotels and resorts on the shores. Only experienced enthusiasts can go for swimming and snorkelling here because of the mangroves and rocky areas.

Beach Number

The mangroves, dead coral bed and rocky patches make it difficult for activities such as swimming and snorkeling to be taken up here. It is not that famous among the tourists who cone to Havelock. Do not try swimming at this beach because the water currents are strong. But you can definitely come here to spend time watching the beautiful nature and the spectacular views.

Vijaynagar Beach

Famously known as Lone Mangroves Beach, the calming water here makes it ideal for the swimmers and the ones who want to take up a long walk along the beachside. It is worth visiting if you want to just explore the nature. Also, do not forget to try the seafood here. Its another name is Beach number 5.

Radhanagar Beach

Awarded for being the 'Most beautiful beach in Asia' in 2004, this beach has clear sky blue water with white sand all around which adds up in making it incredible and unique. Plenty of benches, huts and wooden chairs can be seen here where you can just sit and enjoy the serene environment around. You can come here and go for snorkeling and swimming as there are few places with coral reefs and sandy bottoms. It is some place from where you will take unforgettable moments back to your homeland. Also, enjoy the spectacular sunset view from Radhanagar Beach but keep in mind to reach the place on time. Take a bus if you are staying in a hotel nearby. Auto rickshaws or jeep can also be hired to and from this spot. This beach is also known by the name of Beach number 7.

Kalapathar Beach

Getting its name from the village located nearby and the black rocks that form the shoreline, Kalapathar Beach can be easily reached upon from Vijanagar Beach. It is situated on one one corner of Havelock Islands. On one side,  you will observe the water to be green and on the other side, you will find white sand making it a wonderful spot to relax from the chaos around.

Elephant Beach

Situated on the north of Radhanagar Beach, this destination is commonly popular among Indian travelers. Tsunami which happened in 2004 swept away most part of the beach to the sea. Only a fraction of Elephant Beach is left now. It is easily reachable by boat or on foot from Radhanagar Beach. If anyone wants to opt for snorkeling, then this destination stands perfect as the coral present here is the best one in the whole Havelock Islands. This beach is the most popular one when it comes to water sports. The tourists arriving here can go to the water sports center for various activities and training. The place is a bit secluded but provides the comfort and relaxing atmosphere which you need.

Havelock Islands is considered to be heaven for tourists who just want to get involved in some fun activities while observing the nature around. You can always include this island in your travel itinerary because this place has everything which a traveler needs. The dishes and seafood will not make you go disappointed rather you will order again. Therefore, enjoy at the beautiful beaches and take up water sports for some unforgettable vacation at Havelock Islands.

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