Things To Do in Havelock Island, Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar islands- a paradise for tourists from all over the world. Havelock islands, being the largest one among the island cluster presents a serene atmosphere and spectacular views to the travelers who come to this destination. Adventure activities, seafood, sightseeing, and many more things can be taken up at this location. You will leave this place with unforgettable moments. The tourists are guaranteed with wonderful experience here. What all you need to do is step in at Havelock and the beauty will be right in front of you. Government, as well as private yachts, can be observed here carrying the travelers from Port Blair to Havelock islands.


Make sure to do the following activities when you arrive at Havelock islands:

 Observing active volcano at the Barren island

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South East Asia provides home to the only active volcano in the region. A large variety of animal and bird species can be found at Barren island. It is totally uninhabited by humans. The tour guides take travelers along with them in seaplane or on some nature walk to observe nature and its beauty. The exquisite variety of flora and fauna here will definitely surprise you.

 Trek to the Elephant Beach

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If you want to indulge yourself in some adventurous activity, then opt for trekking to reach the Elephant Beach. Going through the woods will make you experience the spectacular views. You can easily watch birds and reptiles moving in the forest while you trek to your spot. It will surely be some worth taking trek because of the fact that it is hardly taken by the tourists and so you will be getting opportunity to calm your mind by being in serene environment.

 Enjoy sunset at Radhanagar Beach

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This beach stands as the best one in India. Its white sandy composition makes it beautiful to look at. You can just reach the Havelock islands and enjoy the great sunset view from this beach. Hire a cab or take a walk upto the beach if you are staying nearby. Just sit and enjoy some relaxing moments right here with your travel group.                                                                                                   

Have a great vacation at Long island

For all the nature enthusiasts, Long Island is the ideal place. The evergreen forest runs extensively along this destination providing it some extraordinary beauty. It is packed up with facilities thereby making it a kind of modern village. It has not been explored to a great extent. Still, there are some caves and forests which need to be explored by tourists. The recommended activities which you can take up at Long Island are trekking, understanding art and culture, beach camping, and the list include many other options in it.

 Look at the clear sky at Bharatpur Beach

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This beach gives the picture of being the perfect one in Neil Island. The white sand beach carries spots from where you can look and enjoy the clear blue sky. The palm trees present here will provide shade to the travelers thereby letting them observe the sky for long. If you want to have a wonderful time with your family, come for a vacation at Bharatpur beach which is around 18 kilometers away from Havelock islands. The vast stretch of greenery, white sand, and beautiful waves coming at the shore will leave you in awe. You can try snorkeling and scuba diving at this beach but do not forget to hire an experienced guide for the same purpose.

 Sunrise at Kalapathar Beach

It is a small but a worth visiting beach. Finding its location near Kalapathar village, the ones getting up early in the morning can enjoy the sunrise here. It surely offers a scenic view which you can take back in your mind to your homeland. The travellers coming to this place will get to see food stalls set up here from where you can purchase coconut water, drinks, meals, etc.

 Calming walks at Guitar island beach

Being isloated one, this beach resembles the shape of guitar. Because of this reason it has been given the name Guitar island beach. It is regarded to be a secluded and beautiful one which you can visit in the morning or evening hours to just take up some calming and comfortable walk. Few fishing boats can be seen here. If you are looking out for some time away from the chaos, then this beach stands as an ideal destination for you.

 Exploring marine life at Elephant Beach

Housing coral and reefs within, Elephant Beach is a total paradise for the travellers and enthusiasts. It has some unique marine life which gives visitors an opportunity to explore the nature. There are plenty of diving spots and snorkeling centres giving the way to adventure activities. Other water sports which can be taken up here are jet skiing, kayaking and boating in glass-bottom boats. This beach is heaven for those who want to relax in the vast Andaman sea.

 Try Sea Food

Give yourself some treat with the sea food options you have at Havelock islands. Go around the islands and look out for some delicious meals. You can go to the various beaches at evening and order some relaxing dinner with your group in the restaurants situated there.

 Pleasant views at Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach is silent yet lively and gives the visitors some incredible views that they can observe and enjoy. Situated 2 kilometers away from Neil Jetty, this tourist spot is not remotely located and can be easily paid a visit by walking. The coral reefs here make it ideal for scuba divers to enjoy their water sports. The sunset view is filled with beauty because of the clear blue beach water and tropical trees at the back of it.

Therefore plan a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Visit Havelock islands there and enjoy the serene beauty and diverse flora and fauna. It has everything beginning with adventure sports to unique seafood. That's why consider the recommendation of visiting this destination and you will have some cherishable time here in the lap of nature.

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