Famous Handicrafts to Purchase in Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal is the iconic spot of Agra. Apart from sightseeing, Taj Mahal is famous for photography, night visit, museum strolling, relaxing, romantic outing and also shopping. However, there is no official souvenir or handicraft shop inside Taj Mahal. You can find numerous handicrafts stores right outside the monument. The area around Taj Mahal will be bursting with vendors. If you are visiting during tourism season, you are in for a treat. This article talks in detail about the handicrafts that you ought to buy as souvenir from Agra. As usual, there are numerous low quality or fake products and it is up to you to choose an authentic one. Explore Taj Mahal with Same Day Taj Mahal Tour By Car From Delhi

1. Common Souvenirs

Common souvenirs include
  1. Miniature Taj Mahal in marble
  2. Taj Mahal based articles like keychains with Taj Mahal
  3. Carved marbles and marble based articles
  4. Rugs
  5. Hand crafted textiles
  6. Carpets
  7. Textile made with bamboo and banana
  8. Items made with semi-precious stones
Carpet Shopping Agra

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2. Souvenirs near Western Gate

Right outside the western gate of Taj Mahal, you can find a few shops. This is the right place to find textiles, eatables, rugs and others. If you are looking for handicraft items, you can find many marble articles, handcrafted bed sheets and others. The most interesting item here is Saree (Indian attire) made with banana and bamboo.

Marble Items Shopping Agra

Near this gate, you can find government’s handloom and handicraft shops. You can find numerous items like key chains, accessories, marble items and others. You can find a large collection of shops for carpets. Marble pots are commonly bought by tourists from here.

Souvenirs ner Taj Ganj

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3. Souvenirs near Southern Gate

Right outside the southern gate, you can find Taj Ganj. This is the place where marble artists display their masterpieces. You can find numerous articles made with marbles and semiprecious stones. The very common souvenir is a marble miniature of Taj Mahal. You can also find plaques, vases, statues, wall hanging as others. Marble articles are quite expensive and fragile. Ask the vendor to pack it well for you.

Taj Mahal Minitaure Agra

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4. Other Souvenirs around the Monument

All around the monument, you can find small and thriving stores that sell different types of souvenirs. You can find genuine leather items at cheap prices. You can also find hand-made rugs here. Brass, copper and silver-based items are also common. Be cautious while you buy silverware. Small vendors and those who sell on roadside on hand might scam you. If you are ready to travel a little away from Taj Mahal, you can find numerous shops and malls like TDI mall. Inside the mall, you can find many interesting objects. The price might be higher than the shops around the monument.

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Brass Copperware Souvenirs Agra

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Haggle as much as possible. There is a large supply because the streets are packed with stores and you can get a better deal or move to another store. Take your time during shopping and always take a person who knows Hindi with you. Some vendors might not be able to communicate in your native language.

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