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Taj Mahal is a tomb that was built in the 17th century with marble. This is an architectural marvel that portraits pre-Islamic Indian architecture and Persian style. This tomb stands on the bank of Yamuna and is a mausoleum of Queen Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Shah Jahan. Every script of the holy Quran is etched in the inner walls. The tomb is surrounded by gardens. If you visit Taj Mahal in the early morning, it would look in milky white colour. In the afternoon, it would glitter like a jewel in sun. It will have a bluish shine like a pearl in moonlight.

Mausoleum This is the main part of Taj Mahal. It is present in the northern end of Taj Mahal. It is also called as Rauza-i-Munauwara. The tomb is the large dome shaped structure. It is a Persian styled element. Four pillars support the tomb and you can find dupe sarcophagi of the King and Queen in those pillars. Chamber This is a domed hall below which the actual grave of queen is present. Luxurious flower vases and Mumtaz’s favourite flowers can be seen there. There is a room called mirror palace in this chamber. It is not accessible to tourists, but is said to be filled with panes of glass. Lower chamber This is where the real graves are present. The cenotaph of the queen is an undecorated platform with the wording, O King, O Holy, O Peace.

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