Places To Visit In Agra

The alluring beauty of Taj Mahal attracts all the tourists to the marble riddled Agra. Despite the common thought of Taj Mahal being the only attraction of Agra, you can find that it is not a stand-alone beauty. The legacy of the dynasty of Mughals gave us more than just one mausoleum in Agra and the surrounding regions. You can find many tombs and mausoleums of noble and famous people in the city. Apart from these, there is the magnificent fort of Agra, Fatehpur Sikhri and much more. The markets bustling with souvenirs and art works will be a heaven for those who love to shop.

Tourist attraction does not end with sightseeing. With the influence of Agra’s history, the cuisine is another important element to relish, while you are in the city. After exploring the monuments of land, it is time to fill your stomach. If you feel like relaxing for a while, you can find many gardens built in Persian styles and maintained in a royal manner.

If you love art forms, you can find many stage shows and cultural performances around the city. While we are talking about going around the city, some prefer taking an aerial trip around the city. If you visit Agra during peak tourism season, you can find hot air balloon rides too.

In fact, Agra is a continuum of beauty. It is not just about sightseeing. You get to feel, taste, see, hear and enjoy Agra, with the distinctive feature of Mughal culture. Here is the long list of all the attractions you can enjoy in and around Agra.