Reasons To Visit Auli Uttarakhand

If you have an irrevocable wanderlust, coupled with a lust for the hills and snow, then this is the chance to getaway for the weekends. Snow covered hills and valleys, panoramic views of nature all around and the fresh winter air soaked with muted excitement boiling inside travelers’ hearts… that is Auli, in Uttarakhand in India. Auli is an experience worth a lifetime, for those who love the mountains and greenery.

Auli Artificial Lake

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Most visited and crowded place by tourists in peak season Here’s why every traveler must visit Auli in Uttarakhand

Get Lost in the Amazing Views To Find Yourself

Silk smooth highway roads, sleek city roads or picturesque roads cutting through the rural scene in India… all of these while amazing, fall short when it comes to taking a drive through the mountain roads. The journey to Auli covers the most beautiful way through the twirling hill roads over a river, keeping the water to one side and the majestic green hills on the other. Many have spoken of the journey as a chance to indulge in quiet self-revelation. The destination takes a back seat when the ride itself on the way is that exciting. You will bid farewell to the monotones in life when you take a ride to Jasimath which is the base to go to Auli.

Amazing Views of Auli Uttarakhand

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The Sunsets & Rises with its Golden Hue

In your busy city life, you may rarely catch a glimpse of the sun! But in the vastness of Auli, you will be able to look and muse at the golden dot in the sky in clear blue skies throughout the day in its varying hues. The mornings are saffron bright, while the day ends with a red glare, promising yet another beautiful day coming ahead. However, perhaps the most exciting view one can witness in Auli, is to spot the sun and the moon meeting each other at each side of the sky, early in the mornings and feel enchanted.

Sunset & Sunrise moment in Auli

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Beautiful Places All Around

Auli is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the country. Like the “sleeping beauty” – Nanda Devi, the Hathi Parvat (elephant hill), Dunagiri, Trishool, Ghori Parbat, Beethartoli, Kamet, Nar Parbat, Mana Parbat and many more. The peaks each have their unique beauty coupled with exciting folktales dotted by large evergreen trees.

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Snow All Around

Auli may not be the only place in India where one can witness snow there’s Shimla, Kulu, Manali and many other places. But what makes Auli standout from the rest is the fact that it is largely unexplored, untouched by commercial tourism, unexploited slopes of snow covering the majestic, where your footsteps may be the first to leave an imprint. Some areas may have snow covering up to about 5 feet deep; snows clean enough to taste and fresh in its pure whiteness.

Snow covered

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Adventure Sports, Things To Do, Fun & Frolic with Nature

Throw around snowballs with your friends and family to rediscover those early childhood days of pure naivety and innocence. Or you can also go on some marvelous treks around Auli to Gurson Bugyal, often revered as the meadow mistress that is a must see while in Auli. With large amounts of snow, only one thing comes to mind – Skiing. Glide all day on a carpet of thick snow, fall, laugh, then get up and roll again to really get to know nature and all its wonders. If you are a shutterbug, let the lenses talk to you as you travel the hills and walk the paths in between the mountains. It is so quiet at Auli that even the camera shutter sound may echo back and make poetry in your ears.

Adventure In Auli & Things to do

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Auli is also home to Asia’s largest Gondola ride, which is the Joshimath - Auli Gondola. The chair car ride from GMNV to Auli, which is 800 m long, is yet another picturesque path and a unique activity with rewarding panoramic views of the hills. 

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Best of Garhwali Cuisine & Sweets in Auli

While remote the place does offer a unique taste of authentic Garhwali cuisine. A handful of restaurants that are present in Jasimath offer a selection of international cuisine for the comfort of global tourists. However, it is recommended that those with an adventurous tongue try dishes like – Kachmauli (stuffed goat with oil and spice), Bal Mithai, Singhori (sweet wrapped in Malu leaf) and the local version of lentil soup (daal). They also offer some of the freshest leafy greens which can be a refreshing after all spicey food.

Bal Mithai - A famous sweet of Auli Uttarakhand

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Best Time to Visit in Auli Uttarakhand

The best time to visit Auli is from January (January Weather in India) to March( March Weather in India ), as it is best enjoyed during the winters. The nearest airport to Auli is at Jolly Grant at Dehradun, the closest railway station is at Haridwar and Dehradun.

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