Top 12 Things to do in Kochi (Cochin)

What do you call a place which has been established as battling ground but still sustained as the most beautiful place? Well, this time let’s traverse a city which has been nurtured in the rivalry. It is none other than Kochi. It is staggering and worth going place. With loads of cultural heritage to its name this place is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala that is ideal for a visit.

But what will you do after reaching Kochi? Given below are Top 12 things to do in Kochi and places to be visited for sure.

1. Chinese Fishing Nets

It is the crowd pulling and crowd-pleasing place of the city. It has its roots linked with history. The story is that Chinese emperor Kublai Khan gifted those nets to fishermen in Kochi. They are still getting used continuously. The amazing thing is that you can have an access to them. The local people teach the way of using those nets and you can purchase them as well. You can experience Chinese Fishing Nets at River Rd, Fort Kochi. Enjoy a day with breath-taking sunset and snacks.

Fort Cochin Kochi Sunset

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2. Mattancherry Palace

As the name itself suggests, this is a historical place to visit in the city. It has links with Portuguese. As per the people it was gifted by the Portuguese to the Raja of Kochi, Verra Kerala Varma. It was built in 1555 but it went through a renovation in 1663. The specialty of this place is its architectural work. They have been built keeping in mind the design patterns of Kerala temple architecture. Now the palace has been adorned as an art gallery. It exhibits India’s best art murals and paintings. You will find Mattancherry Palace at Mattancherry Kochi, Kerala.

Mattancherry Palace, Kochi

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3. Paradesi Synagogue

This historical place is the oldest synagogue. Generally exiled Jews from Europe used to went this place and that’s where it got this name. This Jewish Synagogue is the most visited place even now. It was built in 1568 but got damaged by the Portuguese in 1662. It was Dutch who rebuilt it. It has a gold pulpit and hand-painted, willow pattern floor tiles. The major attraction is Belgian chandelier and the clock tower. Though it underwent under construction many times it retained its beauty and peace anyhow. In order to visit Paradesi Synagogue, you have to go Synagogue Ln Jew Town, Kappalandimukku, Mattancherry Kochi for those who love history.

Paradesi Synagogue, Cochin

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4. Elephant Training Centre

When it comes to Kerala who can forget Elephants? Elephant Training Centre is the must go place if you are an animal lover. Kodanad is a small rural village in Ernakulam district. It is an apt place for training of adult and baby elephants. To experience the training session, one has to reach the place in early morning i.e. before 8. Once in your life, go and have a lively and happy pleasure. Seriously it is amazing to see elephants rolling around and playing. Elephant safaris are a major attraction. Visit Vallom Panamkuzhi Road Kodanad, Kerala to have an experience.

Bathing and Feeding Elephants, Kerala

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5. Kathakali Performance

Think Kerala think Kathakali. Don’t forget to watch Kathakali Performance in Kerala. This dance form is known for its Kathakali Performance. The themes of the dance form are always taken from the Hindu epics Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. You can also have training in the Kochi’s Kerala Kathakali Centre. They offer training programs. Various programmes are conducted throughout the year. Go Santa Cruz Basilica, K.B. Jacob Road, Fort Kochi, Kerala to watch and enjoy the Kathakali Performance by talented artists.

Kathakali Center, Kochi

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6. St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church is the oldest European-built church in India. It is the result of the dominion of European nations over India. Initially, it was known as Roman Catholic Church but later it was called Dutch Reformist Church. And later it was given the name as Anglican Church. People say that Vasco De Gama was buried here. It is one of the best landmark monuments. It is believed that it still has an aura of colonial conflict. This is what attracts hundreds of visitors from different countries. Visit Fort Kochi, Kochi, and Kerala to visit St. Francis Church.

St. Francis Church, Kochi

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7. Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum

Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum is a three floored structure. The major attraction is its architectural style. It has Malabar on the ground floor, Kochi on the first floor and Travancore on the second floor. This is what makes it most stunning and beautiful home. It is obvious that you will experience the rich heritage of Kerala. They remind you of the 17th-century wooden ceiling. The history says that George Thaliath, his wife Annie George strived hard to construct it. Along with them 62 carpenters and skilled workers work harder. The theatre compensates rest of the things. It organizes authentic stage performances almost every day. Go to Folklore Junction Thevara Kochi to visit Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum to experience it cultural heritage first hand.

Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum

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8. Princess Street

It is the sole place in the entire city which has an amalgamation of the traditional and modern. It is very ancient. It is situated right in the middle of Kochi. It still shows the colonial powers. Dutch, Portuguese and British contributed a lot to this place. It is best known for street shopping, cafés, books stores. Being a pedestrian, you will enjoy more. Go, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala to go to Princess Street. Don’t forget to purchase artefacts, souvenirs, and little handicrafts. The local people are very helpful in case of any query.

Princess Street kochi

9. Dal Roti

It is obvious that you won’t yummy get chapatti in South India. But if you get a restaurant serving north Indian food, you will love it. This is what makes it one of the best restaurants as well. ‘Dal Roti’ offer you the food you love to it. It is the simple restaurant in a south Indian state. The owner makes sure to satisfy each and every customer. You will get north Indian as well as south Indian food. The old wooden tables and soothing ambiance impresses every visitor. It offers rolls and parathas. Go to Napier Street Fort Kochi, Kochi, and Kerala to visit this place. The visiting hours are 9am-10pm.

Dal Roti Fort, Kochi

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10. Dhe Puttu

A must visit restaurant in Kochi. If you want to try your hands in experiencing local cuisine you need to make it here. Owned by famous actor Dileep kumar this restaurant serves the famous Puttu of Kerala in different varieties. You will find a lot of varieties in and sweet and savory types. It is open from morning 10:00 to 10:00 in the night. It is a local favorite and many tourists visit this restaurant when they are in kochi.

Dhe Puttu, Kochi

11. Scuba Kochi

This is also the crowded place of the city. It is known to be South India’s first PADI authorized dive center. It is located in the center of Kochi. People experience thrill, adventure, and fun here. It is guaranteed that you will get the value of your money back. Many visitors even go for various PADI certification courses here. The must do things are snorkeling; kayaking etc. Scuba kochi is astonishing. Visitors love this place a lot. You don’t have to worry about the safety. It is because you get updated and branded equipment here. Visiting Kochi you need to make sure to try to get your adrenaline pumped by participating in Scuba diving.

Scuba Cochin

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12. Lulu Shopping Mall

Lulu shopping mall in Kochi by Lulu group is the largest mall in India in terms of area. It has now become the local hub of everyone in Kochi for shopping and dining. Anyone visiting Kochi will definitely make it a point to visit lulu mall to experience its grandeur. You also have kids play area in which you can keep your kids occupied. You also have an Indoor ice skating rink which is one of a kind in the whole of South India. You will find a lot of things at a cheaper bargain in this mall. And this is one of the ultimate hangout experiences you will find in Kochi.

Lulu shopping mall, Cochin

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13. Marine Drive

It is a picturesque located on the backwaters of Kochi. It is one of the most visited tourist places in the city. Even locals hangout regularly for relaxing. It a 140 Km walking stretch that goes all the way from north end of the city to the south. With calm backwaters and good walking pathway this is like the most visited place in Kochi. You will find a lot of food stalls and local vendors selling stuffs all along the way. So make it a must visit the next time you are in Kochi.

Marine Drive Kochi

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When it comes to Kerala, one gets mesmerized. It is because you get an opportunity to enjoy in nature’s lap. This time plan a jaunt to Kochi. You will for sure have quality time with your loved ones. With traditional heritage and customs playing an equal part it will definitely be a worthwhile tour.

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