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Kochi formerly known as Cochin is the “Queen of Arabian Sea” as it is situated on the coast of Arabian Sea. It is one of the most admired cities of Kerala and is renowned as its commercial and industrial capital. Swarm of tourists visit Cochin every year for its mixed culture and well known tourist attractions.

It houses many cathedrals, beautiful beaches, serene backwaters, amazing waterfalls and lush coconut grooves. The city is frequented by holiday makers, honeymooners, nature lovers and adventurous souls. The city has a strong network of transport, connecting the city to all major cities around the world.

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History of Kochi

As said the traditional history of Kochi dates back to more than 60o0 years. This is a place where the performances like Kathakali and Kalarippayattu are quite known. There are many things to explore in the city but before that, you must have a rough idea about the place. Rich with a great history this place was formerly known to be Cochin. It had served to be a great trading center in the olden times.

The city is known to be an occupant of a strategic position at the geographical level. For many travelers and seafarers because for this reason, it has always been an eye-catching destination. It also gained the reputation of being a spice trading center too. In olden times the travelers and tradesman always called the city by different names such as Cocym, Cochin, Cochi, and even Cochym

Where to Visit in Kochi?

For first time travelers, this is the most common question that is likely to come. But when you are in Kochi there are so many things to explore that probably your one week vacation may not be enough. It is not just loving people but beautiful places that will grab your attention.

  • Trip to Kodanad: The rural riverside village called Kodanad is located in Ernakulam district. There are many hotels which arrange a day trip to this place where you can enjoy watching baby elephants and standard adults one too.
  • Kathakali Performance: One of the well known classical dances of India Kathakali is originated in Kerala. It is known for its fascinating costumes and quite colorful attires. The dancing theme is based in the Hindu epic called Mahabharata, Ramayana and any others. This performance is always run by the people which offer a wide range of opportunities to watch different artists who participate in the event and perform the classical once.
  • Anglican Church: This church is considered to be a monument of this city and is said to be as old as the European’s ruled in India. It is said to be a silent spectator for the conflict amongst the colonial that took place amongst the European nations for dominance over India. Earlier it was Built by Portuguese as the roman catholic church which then became the Dutch Reformist Church and later in the year 1804 it became the Anglican Church.

Culture Of Kochi

Kochi is not just a place of loving people but also there are so many things that would keep your mouth wide open. It gives you ample moments to cherish with your loved ones. Talking about the tradition, nothing can beat the way and tradition of rich culture Kochi which is being portrayed. There is an ancient dance form the lace called Kathakali which is known for the graceful moments of the body. Malayalam being language is an important part of Cochin culture. The city also has got some pioneers in the files and is known to have different art and crafts of carvings made from rosewood such as deer and elephants and together to name some. This city is a multicultural identity since people from different corners of the world have made this city together and hence you will witness ample facets with different identities.

What are the Famous Kochi Cuisines?

For food lovers, here is the good news. If you want to explore the new cuisine in Kochi then surely you will not be disappointed. This place is truly amazing and is known for some of the great salivating delicacies that you might not have had tasted earlier. This place is known to have some of the great dishes that are often categorized under the cuisine of Kochi which is extremely light and will not cause any health problems too. Some of the vegetarian dishes are worth to taste. If you visit the place during their joyful festival called ‘ Onam’ then the celebration is at the next level. Talking of some of the great delicacies, 'Paachadi', 'Kaalan', and 'Thoran' to name some are quite known.

When you are in Kochi don’t forget to try out their popular snacks called banana chips which are made from pure coconut oil and are quite a culinary delight for many people. This dish if used well with the sugar sauce taste even much better which you might want to buy too as a remembrance of the place. Appams, Vellayappams, 'Meen Vevichathu', and Kallappams are some of the other popular dishes to try out too.

Things to do in Kochi

When you are in Kochi, it is not just the great tourist spots to explore but also there are some activities in which you can indulge yourself such as Chinese Fishing Nets which was introduced to fishermen by the Chinese explore in the 14th century and is still followed. You must try it out since it is a fun experience. Once you visit Kodanad, visit the Elephant Training Centre where you can meet baby elephants and see how beautifully they are being trained or even enjoy elephant safari. These are just some of the noted points to be followed when you are in Kochi but make sure when you are here, you enjoy to the fullest and don’t forget to click pictures.

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