Shopping in Bali - Popular Bali Market to Enjoy Shopping

Fun, luxurious stay, adventure activities and the list gets added up with something or the other whenever someone talks about Bali. Bali being a renowned tourist destination has every kind of option in it. You can simply just step out of your hotel and end up indulging yourself in exploring this incredible place. When it comes to shopping, you need not be worried as here you will get lot of spots from where you can buy things which are beautiful in a unique way.

Here's the list of shopping places which travellers must explore when they visit Bali:

 Gianyar Night Market

The localites call this market as Pasar Malam Gianyar. Situated at the southern tip of Jalan Ngurah Rai strip, this place surely comes in the list of best shopping spots found in Bali. The visitors can come here the whole week to see the variety of jewellery, household equipments, clothes and many other things. You can have favourite dish of Bali here which is Babi Guling. Apart from this, there are other food options also such as roasted chicken, bakso which is meatball soup, etc.

 Sanur Night Market

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If any tourist wants to have some local food, then this place is perfect for that person. The local residents and travellers visit Sindhu market which transforms into Sanur night market after sunset. There is a lot of space to walk around or park the vehicle. The Indonesian food is served here at the stalls at affordable prices which makes it a paradise for the visitors.

 Taman Sari Market

Seminyak area has this Taman Sari market in it which is well-known for its tropical fruits. You can purchase these tropical fruits at low prices. It is not remotely located, the reason why it is a popular spot for the ones staying in villa, resort or travelling. During morning, one can buy mangoes, mangosteen and lot of other fruits from the market and after the sunset, the local food such as rice porridge, bakso, grilled satay, etc. can be enjoyed.

 Pasar Sindhu

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Being a traditional market, Pasar Sindhu has a lot of authentic material to offer to the tourists. This shopping destination is more organised and cleaner than the ones located near it. All these features lead to the visitors having wonderful shopping experience here. Right from the fresh vegetables, fruits, spices to the local food which includes Nasi Campur(mixed rice), Nasi Goreng(fried rice), Bakso, Pasar Sindhu has got everything in it.

 Kereneng Night Market

Forming one of the largest shopping spaces in the city, Kereneng night market has vendors who sell almost anything and everything. It has groceries, batik cloth, street food, kitchen utensils, farming tools, etc. if you ask for the list of items you can buy here.

 Kuta Beachwalk

Adding up to the luxuries Kuta provides to its tourists, this Kuta Beachwalk is a new place. It has splendid list of things which can let you have a diverse experience here. There are varied kinds of international brands, franchises, entertainment facility, restaurants which a visitor can explore once they step in here. This beachwalk is first of its kind in Bali and therefore leads up to making it unique.

 Kuta Art Market

This market finds it location on the beachside. There are few main shopping houses along with the tall buildings which provide home to some stalls. If you are searching for souvenirs in Bali, then this place stands perfect for you. Different kinds of souvenirs such as key chains, fridge magnets, accessories, beer holder, fabric, etc. can be purchased from here. You will not be getting these local souvenirs only but some international brands also at the north end of Kuta Art market.

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 Ubud Art Market

Located opposite to the Purisaren Royal Ubud Palace, this market has authentic and ethnic material which leaves the visitors in awe of this place. Some beautiful handcrafted goods, kites, baskets, hats, handwoven bags, silk scarves are sold here and the items list to shop for has more options to it. The goods which are available for sale here are made by people living in neighbouring villages of Tegallalang, Pengosekan, Peliatan and Payangan. The ideal location of this market makes it accessible and perfect shopping option for travellers when they want to look for some authentic Balinese souvenirs and handicraft items.

 Monkey Forest Road

Rows of shops, outlets, boutiques, hotels, restaurants can be found here on this road that passes the sanctuary which is home to grey long tailed macaques. It has been named 'Monkey forest road' because of this reason only. The sanctuary can be found just a short distance away from this road. You can explore the art shops for some beautiful textiles, handicraft goods, antiques which clearly give you the idea of Balinese art and culture. Not just these traditional items, but you can visit the international shops also which are located here.

 Kuta Square

The Times Square of Bali is Kuta Square which is a popular shopping spot among the travellers. What more do you need when you have lines of eateries and stores around you. The market is filled up with fashion outlets, dining places, grocery stores and many other options.  showrooms can be found here.

 Samadi Sunday Market

If you are the person who purchases organic produce, then this market is for you. Samadi Sunday Market opens on Sundays only and is located near the Echo Beach. Personal wellness in the form of locally grown organic goods, fruits, vegetables, etc. is promoted here. This place is an intiative taken up by Samadi Bali which is a yoga and wellness centre.

So the list of shopping places definitely has a lot for the travellers. What you will buy from here will always make you remember how unique and authentic options Bali offers you for shopping. Handicraft goods, antiques, fabric items, organic products, international brands, restaurants serving local food, and there are many other items which you can explore in this city. Make your travel itinerary accordingly including these destinations to have some wonderful shopping experience.

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