Best Time To Visit Kerala

Kerala, the place where nature plays in its most beautiful colours and whose legends have made it popular as “God’s own country”, is a sought after tourist destination for all kinds of tourists. So today we have brought to you a guide to time your Kerala trip perfectly.

Now you might be looking ahead to finding a particular season that might be best suited for a vacation here but we can give you quite good reasons that why you can plan a vacation here anytime around the year. The best time to visit Kerala as they say is not “given” but it depends upon you as to what your preferences are. So let us give you a quick snapshot of three broad seasons in Kerala and various other reasons which can help you time your vacation according to your choice:

Monsoon Time (May to November)

This is the time when rains come and wash everything to make Kerala look renewed, rejuvenated and refreshed. There can be cool and light drizzle or roaring heavy showers intermittently.

Kerala sees two spells of monsoon season. First is the Southwest monsoon which arrives here before advancing to other parts of India. Thereafter, a short haul of rains in September is followed by Northeast monsoon that stays from October till December starting.

  • Enthralling Nature Safari

    Mother Nature becomes more beautiful during rainy season and that is why Periyar National Park is opened for safaris during monsoons. Also, let us tell you it is one of the very few national parks in India to remain opened during rainy season.

  • Ayurveda Retreat

    If you’re planning to go for any ayurveda treatments or you’re planning to undergo even a very simple ayurveda detox therapy at any of the ayurveda centres in Kerala then it is highly recommended that these treatments be planned during monsoons. The reason is that our body is better prepared to take in therapies as pores open up during this season. Also, since the weather is cool and dust free, it helps amplify the positive effects of these treatments.

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  • Attractive Discounts

    Travel planners, hotels and homestays offer attractive discounts during monsoon season in Kerala since it is off season time. So if you’re a person who wants to save big then time your vacation in Kerala during May to November.

  • Festivities Calling

    One more reason to have a monsoon vacation in Kerala is that events of boat racing are held during this season. You can have a spectacular view of rice boats racing through the waters to compete for the coveted titles (most popular one being Nehru cup). Also, the festival for which Keralites wait the whole year eagerly- Onam, is celebrated either in August / September.

Winter Vacations (December to February)

During these months, Kerala experiences cool dry weather and according to travel pundits, this is the peak touring season as this place receives a lot of tourist traffic. Read on if you would like to know why winter is the best time to pay a visit here:

  • Sightseeing

    Hassle free sightseeing is the cause behind winter months seeing swelling tourist traffic year after year in Kerala. You can visit anywhere without really being bothered about tanning and sweating in summer season, and inconvenience of rains.

  • Major Events

    Many temple festivals, elephant pageants and Theyyam (festival which sees masked spirit possession rituals) happen during the winter months. It is thus the perfect time to soak yourself in the culture of Kerala.

Summer Time (March to May)

Summer season marks its presence in the state with hot and humid climate during these months. Sun shines overhead and there might be times when your clothes might be drenched due to a lot of sweat. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t go tripping here from March to May, below are some pointers which justify our point:

  • Wildlife Spotting

    Summer is the best season to spot wildlife in the Periyar National Park. This is because animals come out in the search of water. So if you’re planning to visit this national park in summer months, you will not only be able to see floral species but also fauna species present in the region.

  • Elephant pageants

    Elephants are a part of the popular culture In Kerala and there are pageants particularly held for them. You will be delighted to know that most pageants take place in March and April and it will be a grand experience to witness these.

Other festivals: Other festivals like Easter is celebrated all over Kerala during this time and also there are various temple festivals which can be enjoyed during summer season.

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