Kalimpong Tour Packages

Kalimpong is a hidden beauty of West Bengal. Kalimpong is a small quaint hill town, which is endowed with panoramic views of valley, interesting Tibetan culture, colorful Buddhist monastery, and most importantly, the cheerful locals.

For several decades, the popularity of Darjeeling has overshadowed Kalimpong. Just 50 minutes away from Darjeeling, Kalimpong now stands as a solitary variant for Darjeeling for honeymooners and nature lovers. Once a Bhutanese region, this place turned into a pilgrimage destination during British rule. The green mountain landscape has numerous monasteries, ancient temples, and colonial churches scattered across the valleys. The Bhutanese history and the preserved ancient culture, gives a sepia mode charm to this land.

Looking beyond the culture, Kalimpong has the advantage of the elevated landscape and the climate that comes with it. Thus, Kalimpong is home to numerous unknown species of orchids, vibrant colored seasonal blooms, and much more. Do you know that this land even has a nursery for cacti, which bloom in purple and pink? Apart from these, the land is also home to numerous varieties of dahlias, rose, and other species. If you walk through the valleys on a misty morning, you can enjoy the aroma of wildflowers around you.

The Tibetan, Chinese and Bengali cultures fused with the Indian culture, is what you would be experiencing in Kalimpong. This diversity is positively affecting the cuisine with variety of fusion items. Starting from yak milk cheese delicacies to Thukpa noodle soup, you can enjoy a variety of dishes bursting with unique flavors.

Are you wishing a fragrant escape in nature? Do not just settle for the enchanting views and nature of the land. Kalimpong has numerous beauties like colonial houses (some of them are haunted, if you want an adventure tour), trekking up to high altitude towns, golfing, river rafting on Teesta River, camping, shopping, museum hopping, exploring silk farms, Neora Valley wildlife exploration, and much more.

Many areas of Kalimpong are still hidden from common travelers. Are you bored of cliché activities and iconic tourist attractions of India? Vacation should not be a routine. Travelogy India has customized Kalimpong Tour Packages covering exotic activities of Kalimpong in varying time frame, allowing you to find your best itinerary, no matter what your plans for your vacation are. Starting from solo travelers to family tour, we have got itineraries to perfectly match your dream vacation. After all, embracing new experience is the element of rejuvenation that anyone could ask for in a vacation.

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