10 Lesser Known Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India is famous for Ranthambore National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Periyar National reserve and many a few others. This does not indicate the end of wildlife riches of the country. There are numerous offbeat wildlife sanctuaries and reserve regions in the country that are hidden gems.

Here are the top 10 Lesser Known Wildlife Sanctuaries in India which are hidden gems of the country that you ought to visit during your next vacation.

1. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located in Karnataka and is famous for spotting animals like deer, cheetal, elephants, panther, leopard and others. The sanctuary is also home to more than 250 species of birds including migration birds.

Top activities to enjoy in Kabini Wildlife sanctuary are

  1. Jeep safari to spot elephants along the bamboo jungle
  2. Boat safari on River Kabini
  3. Visit to Tiger Tank to spot female tigers with cubs
  4. Elephant safari
Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

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2. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Maharashtra, this sanctuary is an outdoor museum for those who love wildlife. With just 34 species of mammals, the reserve has very little to offer when it comes to animals. With 166 species of birds including migration birds, this sanctuary is a famous bird-spotting site. Top animals to spot here are bison, tiger, deer, barking deer, wild dog, chital, Indian gaur and others.

Top activities of Nagzira sanctuary are

  1. Bird lover’s paradise – you can spot numerous birds throughout the season. If you visit during winter season, you can spot rare winter birds.
  2. Museum and interpretation center holds photographs, paw prints and plaster casts of numerous animals and birds. Stuffed bird collection is also found in this region.
  3. Wildlife oriented films will be shown in the interpretation center during tourism season.
  4. Visit watch towers in the park to get a panoramic view of the park.
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

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3. Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Apart from Kaziranga, Dibru Saikhowa is another sanctuary that beautifies Assam. This park is rich with rare species and rich in species of fishes. This is the place to spot the rare white winged wood duck. You can also spot capped langur, parrotbill, water buffalo, tiger and others here.

Top activities to enjoy in Dibru Saikhowa national park are

  1. Stay in eco-lodges inside the park
  2. Trekking through the park to spot animals
  3. Boat services to important parts of the park
  4. Guided mountain hiking trips
Dibru Saikhowa National Park

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4. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

This is a bird sanctuary located in Gujarat, famous for more than 300 species of migration birds during the season. This sanctuary is also unique for its diverse landforms including marshlands, salt-water sources, fresh water lakes, dams, creeks and so on.

Top activities to enjoy in this sanctuary are

  1. Spotting numerous migration birds
  2. If lucky, you can spots ducks making floating nests
  3. Eco-tourist village is located inside the park
  4. Spotting coral reefs near Narara island
  5. Spotting sunrise or sunset from the freshwater lake shore
Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat

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5. Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

This is a blackbuck sanctuary located in Rajasthan. This sanctuary is also famous for a variety of birds. This sanctuary holds a unique bio system in this desert region. This thorn forest sanctuary is famous for numerous migration birds that visit during September. Top animals to spot other than blackbuck are desert cat, desert fox and others.

Top activities to enjoy in Tal Chhapar sanctuary are

  1. Night stay in rest house inside the park
  2. Safari and trekking through the park
Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

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6. Dachigam National Park

This national park of Srinagar is created on the regions that were once a collection of ten villages, which were relocated many years ago. This park is famous for varying altitude and sloping grasslands ending is rocky cliffs. Dagwan River flows through the park and is rich with fish population. Top animals to spot here are black bear, brown bear, leopard cat, stag, langur, jackal, hill fox, marten, marmot and others.

Top activities to enjoy in Dachigam National Park are

  1. Trekking through lush regions to spot colorful birds
  2. Hiking in designated routes
  3. Private vehicle safari through the park
  4. Elephant safari during tourism season
  5. Forest rest house stay in Lower Dachigam
Dachigam National Park

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7. National Chambal Sanctuary

This small sanctuary is situated in Madhya Pradesh and rich with red crowned roof turtle, river dolphin and gharial. These three species are least commonly found in other sanctuaries around the world. The sanctuary gets it name from the crystal clear River Chambal that r

uns through the park making it easier to scale the park on boat and spot numerous animals that visit the riverside for quenching thirst.

Top activities to enjoy in National Chambal sanctuary are

  1. Boat safari on the River Chambal
  2. Walking trails through ravines and along Chambal River
  3. Guided trekking and safaris
  4. Exploring historic sites near the park
National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

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8. Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

Located in Chhattisgarh, this reserve is listed under the Project Tiger. Apart from Bengal Tiger, this sanctuary is also famous for gaur, deer, antelope, blackbuck, muntjac, wild boar, nilgai, hyena and others.

Top activities to enjoy in Achanakmar tiger reserve are

  1. Spotting migration and local birds
  2. Overnight stay in forest cottages
  3. Visit and explore historic temple ruins and carvings
Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

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9. Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

This national park is located in the Gangetic Plains that fall under the state of Uttar Pradesh. This sanctuary is famous for Terai ecosystem, which includes swamps, forests, wetlands, grasslands and others. This is the best spot for finding gharial.

Top activities to enjoy in Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary are

  1. Spotting rare turtles, crocodiles, river dolphins and others
  2. Guided trekking and safari inside the park
  3. Visit to Bichhia Dam for spotting animals
Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

10. Pampadum Shola National Park

This is a small national park located in Kerala, which is overlooked because of the other major sanctuaries in and around Kerala. Rich with shola forests, this reserve is famous for its bird wealth. Tiger is the important fauna of this park. You can also spot other animals like elephants, langurs, gaurs, buffaloes and others. Top birds to spot here are flycatchers, blue-capped rock thrush, vernal hanging parrot, Nilgiriwood pigeon and others.

Top activities to enjoy in Pampadum Shola Park are

    1. Guided trekking is designated routes
  1. Private vehicle safari with forest guide
Pampadum Shola National Park

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