7 Days - Ajanta Ellora Caves Mumbai Tour

Mumbai - Aurangabad – Mumbai


To be and not be here is a big question but when you come here the question dissolves itself. It’s the ages old relics which catch the beholder’s eyes and replenish that era which hasn’t been seen yet told many times! Here in this 7 Days Ajanta Ellora Caves Mumbai Tour, you around all those places of India which speak of the past galore in the form of rock – cut architecture! Inclusive of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES, it was bound to get 8th position in our Top 10 Tours of India. So, come and enjoy the beauty of the told yet not told!


  • Visit Gateway of India and Colaba Causeway Market - Mumbai
  • Explore Global Vipassana Pagoda
  • See Elephanta Caves and TaraPorewala Aquarium
  • Visit Kanheri Caves and Buddhist institution
  • Explore Salsette Island and Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Explore Ellora and Ajanta Caves

Day Wise Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival at Mumbai

On Arrival at Mumbai airport Travelogy India’s executive will welcome you. Our executive will assist you to the hotel and will help you through the check in process. He will give you the tour documents and a brief about the tour as well. After refreshments and relaxing for some time you will pay a visit to the Gateway of India in the evening. You will have the glimpses of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, a stroll of the local market and Colaba Causeway Market. After a whole evening tour you will return back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 : Around Mumbai

Next day get up to refreshing breakfast soon after which we will go around the city. The first place you will reach is the Global Vipassana Pagoda. It's 2 hours drive from Mumbai. It’s the place where Bone Relics of Lord Gautam Buddha were enshrined. After getting a feel of the place we shall return to Colaba Cosava.

From here we move on to see Elephanta Caves - Enlisted as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. It is a combination of 5 Hindu Caves and 2 Buddist Caves. These are basically rock – cut architectural forms depicting Hindu Gods – lord Shiva and Parvati.

After this we shall be back in the market for lunch. After lunch we get on to see TaraPorewala Aquarium. It houses exotic marine life as well as rare species of fishes. Covered fully in Glass it comes in comparison to Singapore’s Aquatic Museums! After spending the day in full swing, we will be back in the hotel for light tea, dinner and a good – nights’ sleep!

Day 3 : Mumbai Sightseeing

On the 3rd day of the tour, get up to a lazy cup of refreshing tea; have a filling breakfast and get ready to explore more. On this day we shall take you to Kanheri Caves which is around an hours drive from Mumbai. Kahneri Caves are basically rock – cut monuments. These are known for Basalt formations, deciduous green forests, 109 special entrances and ages – old architecture.

A distinctive Buddhist institution in the 3rd Century and a peaceful place, we will spend the first half of the day here. Lunch shall be at a good restaurant in Kanheri only. After lunch get on the bus to move towards Salsette Island. From here we shall move on to see Mahalaxmi Temple filled with serene beauty with sea waves flirting with it. It’s nice to be here in the evening. From here we shall reach to the hotel for dinner and night stay.

Day 4 : Mumbai – Aurangabad

Get up to a lazy tea and heavy breakfast. On the 4th day of the tour, we shall move towards Aurangabad – our next destination. It's 6 – 7 hours drive and it will be afternoon when we reach the place. After checking in the hotel, relax and enjoy the services of the hotel. Dinner shall be served at the hotel.

Day 5 : Ellora Caves

On the 5th day of the journey, we shall see Ellora Caves (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES). It’s a 1 hours drive from Aurangabad. These are Hindu – Jain rock – cut caves from 5th and 10th century. Protected by Archaeological Survey of India, there are Buddhist caves too. These structures consist of Viharas or monasteries – multi stories, consisting of sleeping n studying rooms, kitchens etc. Caves include Buddhist Carpenters Caves, painted panels like Nataraja, wall carvings like the wedding of Lord Shiva and so on. Take a good look at these. For dinner we shall be back in the hotel.

Day 6 : Ajanta Caves (Aurangabad)

Ajanta Caves are at a 3 hours distance from Aurangabad. So on the second day tour of Aurangabad, we will take you to Ajanta Caves. These are 30 rock – cut Buddhist caves from 2nd century. Basically a kind of Buddhist college, these represent Buddhism in every stage. Look here for Entrance at Cave no 19 which is huge, wall paintings of Padmapani and Vajrapani, dancing in Ajanta Fresco and a copy of Lady Herringham. In the evening we shall return back to the hotel for night stay.

Day 7 : Aurangabad – Mumbai (Departure)

Return to Mumbai of the 7th day of the tour. On reaching Mumbai, we shall help you catch the flight back home.