5 Indian Cities That Have Made It in the 100 Global Cities

Without a doubt India is on the roads for growth with minor and major changes happenings across different sectors. As one of the powerful countries in the world, Indian cities with diverse culture and lifestyle have a lot to offer to the world. Recently, India has made it to the sixth rank in the annual MasterCard Global destinations Cities Index, with five Indian cities that made it in the top 100 cities in the world.

Mumbai on 27th and Chennai on 30th has made it in top 30 with Delhi sitting on 48th, Kolkata on 62nd and Pune on 91th, are among the five cities featured in the list. Among the fastest growing destination cites globally are Mumbai and Chennai with minimum of 1 million overnight visitors in 2016.

In the Asia Pacific Top 10 destination cities, Mumbai has made its way in terms of international overnight visitors in 2016. The city is ranked on 10 right after Shanghai after receiving 4.86 million visitors with a total visitor spend of 3.6$billion by far in 2016.

Bangkok is the leading destination city when it comes to international overnight visitor arrivals. Among the Top 10 global cities, five are from Asia – Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. Also, among the top 10 fastest growing cities, seven are from Asia namely- Osaka, Chengdu, Colombo, Tokyo, Taipei, Xi’an and Xiamen.

This report gave a through understanding of how people travel and spend around the world. India’s has shown a strong presence on the index which can be seen due to the evolving business landscape. Overseas travelers visit India with business or other purposes and hence, the five major Indian cities have made it on the list. This has also shown a huge potential for the Indian cities to develop both in terms of business and tourism investment. The Mastercard Global Destinations Cites Index provides ranking of the 132 most visited cities across the world. The five highlighted Indian cities have cultural, economic and infrastructural appeal and are worth visiting to see the best of India.

Mumbai: Largest city in India, is a cosmopolitan Metropolis which was earlier known as Bombay and is the capital of Maharashtra. Undoubtedly the commercial capital of India, it is one of the predominant port cities in India.

Pune: Known for the twin hill station, Lonavala and Khandala, Pune has many interesting places just beyond the city limit. With the inviting weather, Pune offers the best views of the valley and snaking highways.

Chennai: Beautiful beaches, leisure outlets, beautiful highways, theme parks, silicon parks and business and residential complexes, makes Chennai one of the major growing cites and most sought after city with the present day outlook.

Kolkata: City of Joy, as seen, Kolkata displays rich cultural heritage and age old traditions. With literature, music and dance, this city in West Bengal has a lot to offer. The attraction is the British influence on the architecture and monuments.

Delhi: Capital of India, showcases an interesting blend of diverse cultures. With the modern lifestyle, Delhi has a reach historical display in terms of architecture.

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