Air India Introduce Direct Flights India to Madrid, Spain

Air India has been on the verse of expanding their international connection for a very long time. Last year, they introduced 3x  flight to San Francisco which would soon become 6x.

With Boeing 787 Dreamliner, longer routes are becoming plausible and profitable for Air India. With Dreamliner, their next target is Madrid. The tourism season starts by the end of October and ends by March in India. For the commencing tourism season in 2016, Air India has planned to connect India with Madrid with the help of a direct flight.

India Con Madrid Air India

By December 1st of 2016, Air India will start its international expansion in Madrid. After many successful international connections which includes San Francisco, London, Newark, Vienna and others; now, it is time for Madrid. Spain is an important tourist destination in world and Air India always had plans for flight connectivity with Spain. It was a dilemma to whether to go with Barcelona or Madrid and finally, Madrid is chosen.

Today, there are a lot of flights to and from Spain. But, there is no direct flight to Spain from India. The trouble of having a connecting flight is no something new. Due to numerous problems from enormous waiting time to baggage handling problems; direct flights are often preferred. From December, this direct flight will fly from Madrid to India and vice versa.

The route will be trafficked three times a week. With better networks, now Air India has connected many European countries with India. Now, let us wait for the long time project of connecting New Delhi with Washington DC.

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