Benefits of Travelling in a Group Tour

Travelling in a group is a different experience and, gaining new experience is an important aspect of vacation. Not many willingly choose group tour due to many pre-defined misconception. On the other hand, people who have experienced group tour would definitely vote for it.

This article is focused on introducing you to group tour. Group tour is similar to your normal vacation wherein you will be travelling, staying and enjoying with a small or large group of people from different parts of the world who have chosen the same destination for vacation at the same time of the year, just like you. Well, what actually is the benefit of travelling in a group? We have quite a few interesting reasons to take a Group Tour.

1. Blend In

When you travel alone in a foreign land, you will be the center of attraction. People stare at you throughout the trip making it more uncomfortable. Moreover, harassment is common for tourists travelling alone. When you travel as a pack, you blend in with your group and no one will even think of hurting you in any form when they know there are tens of people ready to have your back. You will be travelling with your avengers.

2. Making Friends

You would be travelling with either a large pack or a small group. Thus, you are never alone. Spending a week or longer with a group would naturally gain you a few new friends. If you are traveling to the destination for the first time, you can be very sure about your safety as, you are in a group and people do not mess with anyone who is a part of a large group. There will always be someone who has your back, when things go wrong.

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3. ‘Me’ Time

The main misconception about a group tour is that you will not have ‘me time’. People think that the guide will instruct you to do things and tourists should religiously follow them like a group of interns. You can always have options. You can choose whether or not to follow the clan. If desired, you can choose different itinerary and have some alone time.

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4. Less Responsibility

When you are traveling alone, you need to take care of accommodation, finding the right restaurant, browsing for nearby services and so on. With a group, you are letting stress off the menu. Your tour guide will take care of your itinerary. He will make sure that you get the best out of the destination with his expertise knowledge.

Dining in Group Tour

5. Comfort for Loved Ones

Your loved ones at home will be less worried, as you will always be surrounded by fellow-tourists. It is one of the good ways to give reassurance that you will be safe. If you are not reachable through phone, your family can get in touch with you via the tour guide. This will give them a peace of mind.

6. Cost Factor

There is always a cost effectiveness when it comes to travelling as a group. Starting from tickets to buffets, you can get better discounts while travelling as a group. This includes reduction in entry fee at monuments too.

7. Off-beaten Places

Choose any destination in the world and, the first advice would be to avoid going alone to any off-beaten places. Trust me; those off-beaten places are far more interesting and special than the iconic tourist attractions. As a group, you will not be alone and off-beaten places can be easily included in the schedule.

Offbeat Places in Group

8. Photo-Special

You will always have someone in the team who loves to take photographs and who is better in clicking than you are. If you are photo-enthusiast, you will have better moments to take more pictures than just selfies of you in front of each monument. You need not look out for any stranger in the road to give them your camera to take a better picture. You need not worry whether the stranger would run away with your priceless DSLR while you are busy giving a pose.

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9. Learn New Culture

It is a very good platform to learn more about different cultures. While traveling with people of different ethnicity, you can get a better exposure to different style of people. Who knows, you might experience a better vacation memory because of their exotic culture, accent or taste.

Learn New Culture in Group Tour

10. A Better Haggler

Are you bad in haggling? You can always find a person very good in bargaining. Moreover, you have more control over the price while shopping as a group. The shopkeeper will be afraid of pissing you off and scaring the whole crowd out of his shop.

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11. Cupid Might Strike

If you have chosen the same destination at the same time of the year, you are travelling with a group of like-minded people. It is actually easier to find someone you like in the group. I have heard a lot of wedding toasts which starts with ‘the bride and the groom met in a group tour’. With constant interaction, you might find you soulmate or at least, a good friend.

12. Unique Things Off Your Bucket-List

When you travel with unique people, you get to do things that you would either fear or refuse to try while alone. When the whole pack is going for hot air ballooning, you would also try it. You will end up trying new things and check out a few things off your bucket-list.

Hot Air Baloon in Group

13. Local Specials

With a good guide, you can learn about the specials of the locals, try out authentic services and most importantly, you can avoid being fooled by some locals who try to make quick bucks from unwary tourists.

14. Your Rights With the Guide

Some tour companies might try to cut short certain destinations or skip certain activities that they promised. While travelling alone, you would be generally afraid to cross your guide as you completely depend on his expertise throughout your trip. While in a group, you will have a better arguer who will defend for your rights with the guide.

Guide in Group Tour

15. Help from Inside

It is true that there can be some freaks in the group. Mathematically speaking, the number of good people in a group will be far higher than freaks. Thus, you will always be in good hands.

16. Avoiding Bad Decisions

Sometimes people take bed decisions during their vacation like buying an expensive but, unwanted item, trying some dangerous activities due to adrenaline rush and so on. There will be someone to stop you at the right moment, when you are travelling in a pack.

While travelling in a group, you tend to expand your horizon of experience and enjoyment. Next time when you are choosing an exotic destination for a vacation, try group tour. You will fall in love with this social styled vacation. To enjoy all these benefits, you should be choosing the best tour operator and good packages that scale the gems of each destination. Travelogy India is offering India Group Tour with fixed departure dates to explore India at its best.

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