Top 20 Things To Do In Bhutan

Bhutan is not your average Himalayan destination. It is the land of tradition and global development. You can find monks reading articles in their smartphone and seasoned chilies as staple food along with burgers and continental dishes. Do not think Bhutan as just a museum of interesting traditions. It is the land, which breathes tradition and fantasies. Why do people spend money to come to this hilly region filled with monasteries? This high altitude destination with trekking trails, unique nature and religious destination is not just the entire part of Bhutan vacation. The land is riddled with numerous activities, which are one-of-a-kind. This is the main reason to why tourists prefer Bhutan and here are the top 20 things for you to do in Bhutan.

1. City Sightseeing

Let’s start with less adrenaline activities first. Among those, city sightseeing tour is an important activity. Top destinations to visit during your sightseeing trip are Paro’s National museum, Paro Dzong, Drukgyel Dzong, Tiger’s nest monastery, Bhuddha Dordenma, Dechen Phrodrang Monastery, national memorial Chorten, Tashicho-Dzong, Phunaka Dzong and many others. Do you want the top destinations to add to your itinerary? Visit Top Tourist Destinations in Bhutan to know what to visit in Bhutan. The post just includes the top tourist destinations of the country. You can find numerous hidden gems and activities beyond your imagination in this Himalayan paradise. Must Read : Best Places To See In Paro

2. Bhutan’s Taj Mahal

The Tiger Nest monastery gets its name for being perched on one of the sides of a cliff. This monastery has become the face of numerous postcards, brochures and websites. It is an important meditation site. It is said that Guru Rinpoche arrived here on a flying tiger for meditation. You have to reach the monastery on foot. So, start after having a good breakfast. The trekking route is moderately hard to complete. Thus, prepare in advance. Suggested Tour : Best Bhutan Tour

3. Try a Hand in Archery

Bhutan’s national sport is archery. You can find many traditional archery galleries in the region. You can always find numerous locals trying their skill in the spot and many more, cheering them, singing and dancing. It is their form of encouraging the participants. Every village of Bhutan holds an archery field and the best of all is the Chalimithang Stadium of Thimpu. If you are looking for a tournament, choose to visit during Bhutanese New Year to enjoy Coronation National Archery Tournament and the Yangphel Tournament.

4. Yeti Hunt

Do you believe in yeti? Well, the locals do. The Himalayan regions of Bhutan is said to be the place for yeti. Locals have spotted yeti numerous times. In local language, it is called as migoi. Although scientists declare it as a local species of Himalayan Bear, locals are very clear in what they encountered and they believe it to be yeti. Are you looking for yeti? Take a safari through Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary to spot yeti, snow leopard, red pandas and tigers. However, spotting yeti is very rare.

5. Dance with Bhutanese Monks

Who said monks have to sacrifice every ounce of worldly happiness to attain enlightenment? Well in Bhutan, it is not so. On the tenth day of every month, a festival is celebrated in different regions of Bhutan. Some festivals welcome spring, while the others are just religious celebrations. During most of the festivals, the iconic attraction is the cham dance or mask dance, which is performed by the monks. Each dance is a story. The masks are worn to indicate demons and gods in the dance. Usually, locals are allowed to dance along with the monks. Do you want to know the right festival to visit? Check out the exclusive blog post Famous Festivals Of Bhutan and you would learn about the naked dance too, in the blog.

6. Find the Forest of Rhododendrons

Trekking is not something uncommon for those who are visiting Bhutan. However, it is important to choose the right circuit. If you are in for a thrill, explore the ancient forests of Bhutan filled with rhododendron flowers. The most challenging circuit covers half of the country and it can scale between 25 to 30 days. You can also find circuits, which spans for 25 minutes. The most popular one of all is the Jhomolhari Trek, which gives a great view of Jhomolhari peak and the JigmeDorji national park. For more nature-filled itineraries, try
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7. Birdwatching

It might sound like a boring activity for many. However, birdwatching is not just about birds, when it comes to Bhutan. You need to trek through the Gangtey Trekking route to spot as many unique birds as possible. Stay in remote villages and enjoy the culture as you spot birds of this Himalayan Empire. There are more than 600 species of birds, which are common in Bhutan. Top places to visit for Birdwatching are Thimphu, Tingtibi, Punakha, Trongsa, Phobjikha Valley and others. Are you looking for a birdwatching vacation? Choose the 8 days Gangtey Trek tour, which covers Thimphu, Gangtey, Gogona, Punakha, WangduePhodrang, Khotokha and Paro.

8. Live the Gross National Happiness Lifestyle

Bhutan follows this lifestyle and has managed to stay updated and happy. While the other countries which, share Himalayas have deforested most of the regions, Bhutan still has its share 75% intact. This is due to their lifestyle of holding on to important elements of the surrounding without sacrificing their needs. The land and culture might be different to what you have been experiencing. Just take a few days off and enjoy their culture. Do you want to try out the culture of the land? Here is a sample itinerary to cover Bhutan is just ten days.

9. Spot the Everest


There are numerous ways to do so. The traditional way is to train for a couple of years, reach the base camp and start climbing to experience the Everest. Well, not everyone has the time and courage to do so. The best alternative is to reach Paro International Airport and hire an aircraft to reach Everest. This aircraft will not land on the peak. However, it would circle around the region, giving you a breathtaking view, without breaking a sweat. Some prefer to leave Everest as just a backdrop in their photographs. Such tourists reach high altitude monasteries to enjoy a great view of the peak, from a distance.

10. Adventure Activities

Bhutan is not just about adventure activities. In addition, it is not dry in that genre too. Top adventure activities to enjoy here are kayaking, trekking, rafting, hiking, biking, boating and much more. You can find numerous destinations to try these activities, based on the level of difficulty you are comfortable. Must Read : Uncover the Hidden Treasures of Bhutan in Just 7 Days

11. Bhutan Cuisine for a Taste

Well, this is the land where chili is a staple food and rice is somehow red in color. It is not a surprise to know that the iconic dish here is chilies and cheese. Do not worry. They will not starve you with just chilies. The cuisine is famous for beef, pork, chicken and a large variety of vegetables. Are you looking for something unique to try in Bhutan? Choose fern fronds, nettles, orchids and cheese sauce served with the iconic red rice. In addition, of course, momosare found everywhere. Try the street shops to enjoy the local taste of the land. If you are an India, you can use Indian money in Bhutan, except for INR 2,000 note. Source Also read : Some of the most famous Bhutanese dishes

12. Visit the Fertility Temple

You would never believe that a temple could be this erotic. The regions around the temple have giant pictures of male reproductive system. The culture dictates that these phallic images will wade off evil spirits. The Temple of Divine Madman (fertility temple) is as unique as its name.

13. Homestay

You can find numerous budget hotels and luxury destinations in and around Bhutan. However, tourists recommend you to stay in the farms with the locals. You cannot find luxurious elements in this city. However, the traditional farmhouses serve the best butter tea of all time. Yes, it is called butter tea, because butter is added to the tea and the most interesting part is that the tea will be pink in color. You can find traditional wooden bath with water heated with red hot stones, early morning farming activities, pork fat rice meals and so on.

14. Stay back for the weekend market


Many regions of Bhutan, especially Thimpu conduct weekend markets to buy fresh produce, livestock, craft and art works. Top items to buy in this market are colorful traditional attire, handworks, jewelry and others. Also Read : Some of the Traditional Handicraft Items In Bhutan

15. Fishing

Thanks to the numerous rivers from the glaciers, Bhutan is the best place to enjoy fishing. Visit the southern part of Bhutan to spot many rivers, which are open for fishing. Try Bumthang Valley, Thumphu valley, Paro Valley and Trongsa region for good fishing spot. Rivers closer to monasteries are prohibited for fishing. In addition, many rivers have catch-and-release policy for fishing. Also Read : Paro Tsechu - Famous Festival In Bhutan

16. Traditional spa session

Bhutan is famous for tshachus, the natural hot springs. You might have to trek for a few hours to reach any of the springs. It is said that bathing in the hot springs would provide cure to many chronic problems. Winter is the right time to visit Bhutan for hot spring activities. Top spots to find hot springs are Punakha, Bumthang, Tshachu and others.

17. Meditation


How could you leave a Buddhist destination without trying meditation? Yoga and meditation go hand in hand with the religion. All the temples and monasteries of Bhutan allow tourists to meditate inside the premises. Many workshops will be conducted from time to time for meditation. You can also find a few yoga classes open to tourists.

18. Camping

You are in the land of Himalayas. It is time to get to the nature and stay with it for a night. Camping near forests and valleys is a very common activity among tourists and locals. They camp at a high altitude destination and wake up early in the morning for sunrise view. Some tourists combine trekking with camping.

19. Make a stamp with your face on it

The National Post Office of Thimphu provides a great adventure for those who love stamps. Bring a photograph of yours to the post office and they would create a stamp with your face on it, within a few hours. It would be a great add-on to your collection.

20. Visit the Folk Heritage Museum


This is 150-year-old museum. There are three floors in this museum. The first floor is a barn. The second one is a safe store and the third one is a living area. This home-turned-museum is a premier Bhutan tourism destination. You can find many interesting artifacts and understand the local life of the region. Thinks About : What to buy from Bhutan Are you visiting Bhutan for the very first time? Top suggested tour packages are

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