Tourist Destination in Bhutan

Bhutan is not just about Buddhism. It is the land to enjoy lifetime of trekking, array of mountain and monasteries and unique cultural elements. Among the Himalayan destinations, Bhutan has a monumental value for valued tourism. The land is filled with unique traditions and cultural contrasts. Bhutan can give you numerous elements of happiness, which is absent in most of the iconic attractions.

Surprising Sentiments

Bhutan is unique for numerous elements, which can drop your jaw. Seasoned chilies, red rice, fertility temple, religious paintings of male genitals and the list goes on and on. Do not think that the country is more of a sightseeing book. This is the land of fascinating adventure activities, attractive elements and most importantly, a care-free lifestyle. Do you want to know more about the place? Click here to learn more.

Niche Of Nature

Given the minimum tariff for foreign tourists, Bhutan is clearly an expensive destination to scale. Is the tour worth your money? Yes, it is absolutely worth it, thanks to the exotic Himalayan nature. This small kingdom snuggles between India and China, nourished with lush vegetation and unique lifeforms. The rugged landform gives interesting routes for trekking, mountain biking, hiking, rafting and many other adventure activities.

The Land of Thunder Dragon, is the ultimate destination for enjoying a legendary vacation. This land thrives with cultural strings and global development, giving you the right blend of exotic feel and luxury elements. Are you fantasizing a Bhutan vacation? Here are the top Bhutan tour packages just for you.

Bhutan is filled with interesting destinations from one end to another. However, we have tried to jot down top destinations that you should not miss in Bhutan.

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