8 Top Things to Do and See in Tibet

The roof of the world is famous for following ancient religious practices, awe-inspiring architecture and exotic environment. The pure nature, which is still not spoiled by modern tourism activities attract numerous tourists who are in search of a place to relax, rejuvenate and refresh.

1. Potala Palace

Type of Activity – Sightseeing

Time Required – One Hour

Location – Lhasa

Best Time to Visit – Year Around Attraction

The palace is the icon of tourism in Tibet. The palace is filled with ancient statues, sculptures, jewels, murals and other antiques that represent the religion, culture and heritage of the land.The number of tourists visiting the palace is limited for a day by the authorities to preserve the ambience of the place. A tour group can spend only one hour inside the palace.

Potala Palace Tibet

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2. Jokhang Temple

Type of Activity – Religious Activities and Sightseeing

Time Required – 30-60 Minutes

Location – Lhasa

Best Time to Visit – Year Around Attraction

Jokhang temples is one of the most important and sacred religious monuments for people in Tibet. Those who visit the place as pilgrims consider this spot as an iconic one. Though its name has temple in it, it is in fact a monastery. Also named as Qoikang monastery, the temple is in existence since 7th century and is famous for clay images, wooden statues and other relics. This temple is a heritage site since 2000. The temple was made with stone and wood while the roof is tiled with bronzed tiles. The Buddha Hall is an important attraction inside the temple. There are more than 3000 Buddha images and images of other deities inside the temple.

Jokhang Temple, Tibet

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3. Exploring Sera Monastery

Type of Activity – Religious Activities, Exploration and Sightseeing

Time Required – 1-2 hours

Location – Lhasa

Best Time to Visit – February

Sera is one of the greatest monasteries in the country. The architectural marvel of the monastery and wild roses around the monasteries are top attractions of the place. It was built in 15th century and is very famous among tourists for exploration.

Sera Monastery

The tourists are allowed to enter the monasteries, watch the monks in debate and involve in religious activities if desired. Sera Bengqin festival of February makes the month, the best time to visit the monastery to see monk processions and the wild roses full in bloom. Sho Dun festival celebrated in August also attracts many tourists.

Monks Debating in Tibet Monastery

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4. Enjoying Yamdrok Lake

Type of Activity – Natural Sightseeing, Photography

Time Required – Half a Day

Location – On the Way from Shigatse to Lhasa

Best Time to Visit – June to October

It is a picturesque, attractive, serene and refreshing lake with a stunning scenery. The drive to the lake is the most important attraction of all. It takes two hours to reach the lake from Lhasa and the route is mesmerizing. It is a freshwater and sacred lake in the country. One can spot yaks grazing near the lake. An old fort named Pede Dzong is located in one of the islands of the lake. Fishing is another activity to enjoy from April to October.

Yamdrok Lake, Tibet

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5. Camping at Everest Base Camp

Type of Activity – Hiking, Camping, Sightseeing, Exploration

Time Required – A Little Away from Shigatse

Location – Lhasa

Best Time to Visit – March to November

The trekking route from Shigatse to the base camp is the first attraction in this activity. It would take almost half a day to reach the base camp. After reaching base camp, you can rent a camp or make one and relax for the day. The Everest case is located at 5,200m above sea level. The travel to the base camp is expensive and tiring. It is certainly not for children, old and weak hearts.

Camping at Everest Base Camp Trek

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6. Visiting Mount Kailash

Type of Activity – Religious Activities, Trekking, Yak Safari and Sightseeing

Time Required – One Day

Location – Tibet Autonomous Region Near Lake Rakshastal

Best Time to Visit – Year Around Attraction

It is a sacred mountain according to many religions. A trip around the mountain is said to wipe off any sin. The best time to visit the mountain is during sunrise and sunset for sightseeing and photography. The route to Mount Kailash is also rewarding. There is a restaurant at the foothills of the mountain where tourist enjoy eating something hot. It would take 15 hours for a well-able person to complete the 52 km trail around the mountain. Yak safari and pony safari are famous here.

Visiting Mount Kailash Tibet

7. Lake Manasarovar

Type of Activity – Religious Activities and Birdwatching, Medical Value

Time Required – 30-60 Minutes

Location – Near Mount Kailash

Best Time to Visit – Year Around Attraction

Lake Manasarovar is a fresh water lake, which contain certain rare minerals in it and cures many types of illness. Bathing in the water and drinking the water are considered as sacred by many religions. The place is also famous for trekking, sightseeing and birdwatching.

Mansarovar Lake Tibet

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8. Exploring Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

Type of Activity – Religious Activities and Exploration

Time Required – 30-60 Minutes

Location – Near Shigatse City

Best Time to Visit – Year Around Attraction

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery is famous for sightseeing and exploration. The monastery is in existence since 15th century. Top attractions inside the monasteries are Sutra hall, Ngang College, Panchen Lama Palace, Maitreya temple and chanting hall.

Other top attractions in Tibet are Ganden Monastery, Namtso Lake, Barkor street and others.

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery Tibet

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