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Shopping in Tibet

Some of the uniquest items are found in Tibet. And if you are looking for these, then you should straight walk to Barkor or Pilgrim’s circuit located at the heart of Jokhang Temple circle. While Jokhang is a popular tourist destination, the Barkor Street of Lahasa is a shopping paradise. Divided into East street, West street, North street and south street. Retaining the ancient Lahasa look with Tibetan streets with flags all around. Background of this market overlooks mountains and blue azure sky making it a perfect destination to shop under open sky.

What people like to buy here is prayer wheels, carpets, joss sticks, prayer beads, buddhist statues, carpets, thangakas. While shopping for these, its a good idea to try out yak butter tea which is sold here.
Next is the Tromsikhang Market famous for its dried fruits and nuts which are imported from Xinjiang. Its a place from where you can buy items like tsampa, churpi (dried yak cheese) and yak butter. Khampa styled cowboy hats and artificial jewellery worn by tibetan college – goers too are on sale here.

If you are interested in buying carpets then Snow Leopard Carpert and Tibet Gang Gyen Carpet are good ones to buy from. One can also look for local stuff as both of these names are branded ones and are a bit pricey.

Traditional Tibetan items like handicraft items, woollen  carpets, leather applique bags, soft toys, soft yak cashmere scarves and Tibetan aprons can be best found at Dropenling market.  One can also buy colourful scarfs and local dress if you think you will wear them once you are back home. Since the clothes sold here are extremely warm, think before you are ready to buy them as they are of no use in less warm places. Here prices are generally fixed and most of the shops do Not bargain.

While there is not a long list of items which you can buy from Tibet, yet you can try bargainig in local markets. Most of the markets are in Lahasa which ofer goof range of shopping items. Markets in higher altitudes do not offer much.

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