How to Give your Kids their Best Trip Ever

There are times when one wonders on a trip when the fun would actually begin. The worst scenario is when this feeling creeps in while traveling with children. However, if planned diligently, one can avoid the pitfalls of unplanned and hazy travel plans. Here’s how!

Choice of Destination is a Serious Affair

Even you wish to spend time with sun and sand along with finding some children’s activities, the choice of destination is not that easy. To cite an example, there are so less hotels that provide kids activities in Dubai. Other factors include the sitting time in a confined place as in aircraft and there are other factors too.

Managing the Jet Lag Beforehand

Long flight schedules can be tormenting. You should therefore reckon on children about one day to adjust. As India is 9.5 hours from New York, which means you’ll have to face disruptive effects of jet lag. The British Airways website’s Health and Well Being pages are a useful resource to calculate the jet lag. It also tells you to avoid other jet lag issues as well. It’s all about moving one’s sleep forwards or backwards.

Creative Kid’s Friendly Itineraries

It is always good to avoid stopovers wherever possible especially connecting the flights. In case, say, you don’t have a direct flight to some destination, investigate all your stopover options, you might board a flight in the night. Or you might explore the other flight option with lesser stopover time.

Keeping a Tab on In-Flight Service

It is always good to find out some or the other ways to get the best amenities for children on board. You must check the toy packs, Game Boys, sky cots or bassinets along with other options. Most airlines render kids services so that they don’t disturb other passengers and you also don’t get disturbed. Therefore, it is always good to see kids on board.

Keep a Check on the Transfers

A long transfer is always annoying for children. This is more so against the backdrop of children spending a long time in an aircraft. However, if it is unavoidable, try to stay near the airport. This may result in better managing your kids considering the stress faced while journeying.

Must Check Kid’s Amusement before Check In

As there are ample of hotels providing kids facilities, it is always better to opt for any one of them. It is therefore recommended to opt for those hotels, properties, accommodations providing kids their due. You can always check before opting for any of the accommodations.

Childcare Plays an Essential Role

Find out the staff of the place or aircraft whether they know English language or not. It is good to know that there are clubs, which have age restrictions for elder kids hence it is always good to keep this in mind.

Kids on Board List of Aircraft

Gulf Air – Sky nanny has a dedicated staffer to look around your kids while on board. British Airways – The Company has aligned with other company making toys for tiny tots. As a result, you get toys for your children on board. Jet Airways – With unrivalled rates for children, it bestows a good time to kids. Emirates – Offers junior rewards points and fills fun for the children. Singapore Airlines – Bestowing a fantastic-in-flight system, KrisWorld offers 91 video games that include Pokeman and Super Mario Brothers. For more Travel advice with visit :