India Extended E-Visa Facility for 37 More Countries

NEW DELHI: One of the top official from tourism ministry declared on Saturday that 37 more countries would be able to enjoy e-Visa facility. It has been planned to boost tourism in India and to attract more and more foreign tourists.


Vinod Zuthsi, tourism secretary at the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) function, currently held in New Delhi said that already 113 countries can avail e-Visa facility but the number will be extended up to 150 soon.

Zutshi added that discussions with the concerned ministries like external affairs and home ministry is in process with an expectation to extend the e-Visa facility soon to more and more countries, aiming to draw tourists in large number. It is reported that around 22,286 tourists visited India using e-Visa facility in August 2015, whereas it was 2705 in August, 2014.

He included that in order to promote tourism within the country; all stakeholders are required to be involved. The tourism secretary further informed that to take India to a completely new level, an integrated approach is required.

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He also accepted that though India has many places with great tourism potential yet most of them needed to be explored. In this he said, "We have to unravel the hidden treasure of many lesser known places. But it requires integrated strategy to promote them."

In the function held in Delhi, the recently taken over CMD of Air India, Ashwani Lohani said "challenge is great...there are lot of expectation and pressure to perform."

"Air India is not MP tourism. It is a hard nut to crack. Lot of things to be done. But I am hopeful for positive results because all AI employees want to soar high in the sky again,” added Lohani, who played a bigger role in the turnaround of Madhya Pradesh tourism.

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