India is Going to Celebrate Its 72nd Independence Day

The rain soaked streets of the country has been cleared. There are strings with numerous tricolor flags hung above the glistening pavements, painting the country in its patriotic colors of saffron, white and green. Most regular shop owners selling knick-knacks would clear up their stalls for making special room for small tricolor Indian flags glued to a bamboo stick for children to buy.

Brands have already began the chant for the week with Independence Day special sales and offers coming in and the major Indian television networks will handpick some of the Bollywood film industries’ finest patriotic films to air, throughout the day.

Every school and community has prepped their prime singers and marchers to perform the special early morning parade at school, which will be followed by the hoisting of the pride of the nation, the national flag. Tomorrow will be a day that every citizen of the country will wake up to the Indian national anthem playing at their community centres around the country.

Independece Day Celebration in School

While this may seem like most other Independence Day preparation for a country, India being the land of festivals cherishes this holiday as one of its most special ones. If you happen to be in India, during the Indian Independence Day, a great city to indulge in all of its Independence Day glory is Delhi.

Delhi on the Day of Indian Independence Celebrations

Celebrations in the national capital of India while are similar in sentiment to the rest of country, but grander with respect to its historical and political disposition. Like most other cities the roads are dusted clean and adorned with the tricolor, but each and every historic buildings and landmark structures are also decorated with a blanket of lights.

Like all other important national events, the venue for the capital city’s Independence Day celebration is set at the Red Fort as per the tradition. On the day of the event, each and every important dignitary from the different states and government will arrive, along with the Rashtrapati as well as the Prime Minister.

Tricolor Adorned Red Fort

The celebration at the Red Fort is marked by swarms of people arriving early at the venue to occupy the best seats having the best vantage point to the events of the day. Security is at its highest during this day around the country, with the police and army on high alert at all major public places.

The day is marked by the Prime Minister’s ‘Address to the Nation’ on the eve of Independence Day, followed by the most iconic event of the day itself – the flag hoisting ceremony. Thereafter, another speech from the Prime Minister follows, wherein the PM reminds the citizens of the struggles that led to our well-earned independence and our responsibility towards the betterment of the nation. The strength of army is acknowledged and the urges the citizens to have faith on our nation. The flag hoisting ceremony is closed with an honorary 21 gun salute.

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The rest of the vibrant Independence Day fair is a riot of colors and cultures. There are enthralling marches and displays by the national army, exhibits from every Indian state showcasing their most popular forms of art and culture, dramatization of scenes from the countries bloody freedom struggle that took the lives of many a brave men. The fair is non-uniform, colorful and eclectic, it stands to show how truly diverse the nation is.

Independence Day Celebration Delhi

The Battle of Kites

One of the most exciting and simplest celebratory rituals of Delhi is its long established tradition of the battle of kites. While kite making and flying is slowly succumbing into obsolescence, the citizens celebrate their freedom with this beautiful metaphor of man spreading his wings through kites that paint the blue skies in all the beautiful colors. The emptied streets of otherwise chaotic Old Delhi are populated by happy children as well as playful adults in their special kite battle.

Kite Festival, Delhi

As the sun sets and the kites disappear from the sky, people bite into some Delhi’s finest sweets and savories offered in special discounted deals on Independence Day and head back to their homes, where they can rest in peace knowing their freedom is always theirs’ to claim.

Happy Independence Day!!!