Insider’s Guide: Beauty and Spirituality City Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet is a land of spotless beauty and heart warming hospitality. Get connected to nature this holiday at Lhasa, the Place of Gods.

The City of Pristine Beauty

Lhasa, the Roof of the World, is a land of breathtaking natural beauty. As the snow capped Himalayas kiss the massive blue sky, your heart and mind stay rejuvenated. The sprawling gardens are another treat to the eyes. The Norbu Lingka and the Dragon King Pool are the well known places of scenic beauties of Lhasa.

There is a majestic palace surrounded by tall trees, the bright flowers, the joyous fountains and waterside pavilions at Norbu Lingka is the perfect place to rest and relax.

The Dragon King Pool is the temple of the Dragon King. Stone and clay have been used to form a pool of water. The island at the heart of the pool contains the statue of Dragon Maid Seqen.

The City of Smiles

The locals of Lhasa will welcome you with utmost care and hospitality. Enjoy some casual chit chats with the Tibetans sipping some hot tea at the local tea houses. Know about Tibet and the real spirit of Buddhism from the people. The city is also easy to visit as most of the locals are fluent in English and easily mix up with tourists. You can even visit their homes and spend some time to know their real lifestyle.

The City of Peace

Lhasa is a city of Buddhism. As you approach the city, the colourful flags of Buddhism welcome you. People practice this religion of peace from heart. While the Sera monastery is the largest monastery of Lhasa, the Jokhang Temple is considered to be the most sacred temple of the place.

Spin the prayer wheels to experience some moments of serenity or spend some time with the monks to witness their simple lifestyle. Lhasa is a pilgrimage for Buddhists and there are several festivals that take place throughout the year at the monasteries.

The City of Expression

Lhasa is a city of unique architecture which expresses the religious bent of mind of the locals. With colourful doors and windows, the architecture here is a blend of Chinese and Indian style.

Potala Palace is one of the must visits when at Lhasa with its astounding architecture and rich history treasured at its museum.

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The City of Souvenirs

Lhasa is a city from where you can get back antiques. The colorful trinkets and holy flags will be ever memorable to you, while the Thangka exhibits the rich culture of the country. These are beautiful paintings of Lord Buddha, scenes from his life and mandala on silk clothes.

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Lhasa- City of Delicacies

What you want the most in the chilled weather of Lhasa is delicious cuisines and you get the same. The city is famous for its yak products, like yak milk and cheese. Yak meat is a hot favorite among the Tibetans. Bask in the mystic weather of the place with steaming hot momos dipped in homemade sauce.

The piping hot salty milk tea is a must with these lip smacking dumplings. Tibetans love wine. Lhasa beer energizes you with its fine ingredients of Saaz hops, yeast, Himalayan spring water and Tibetan barley.

Tibetan Beer

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Hence make your journey special this vacation with a trip to the top of the world, Lhasa.

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