20 Famous Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata

During Durga Puja, the entire Kolkata would get into festive mode. The festival is celebrated with joyous performances, gathering of friends and family, religious rituals and much more. During the Durga Puja festival, people either celebrate it individually inside their homes or as a batch or community with pandals.

Durga Puja Festival Kolkata Date of 2023

Durga Puja festival got celebrated every year in Kolkata in 2023 this festival will be celebrated on date 20th October 2023 to 24th October 2022.

Pandals are nothing but, a small grouped celebration of the festival with music and dance performances, the pyramid of dolls, religious rituals, distribution of delicacies and much more. It is a tradition to visit as many pandals as possible, get together with friends and strangers and enjoy the festival. Not all pandals are the same. Some are very famous and some are very traditional and secluded. There are even pandals, which are famous among celebrities alone. Here are the top 20 Pandals to visit in Kolkata during Durga puja.

1. Kumartuli Park

Durga Puja has been in tradition for several centuries. However, the festival would go on to the next generation only if it is redirected in a modern way to the teenagers and young devotees. This Pandal is for such visitors who are looking for a new trend in the festival. This pandal has been a part of Durga Puja since 1995 and has become popular for its innovative ideas like handcrafted Durga idols, which are made with clay and other natural elements, modern decoration and interesting themes every year. In 2018, the theme for the pandal was Lord Krishna’s flute for humanity.

Kumartuli Park, Kolkata
Kumartuli Park, Kolkata

Location : The pandal is located along the shore of Kumartuli Park River, closer to Sovabazar Launch Ghat. If you are choosing the metro for visiting the pandal, the closest station is Sovabazar Metro.

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2. Bagbazar

The main attraction of this pandal is the traditional deity. This pandal has been erected for more than 100 years during this festival, every year. This traditional and ancient pandal is famous for its simple décor resonating the tradition and culture. The pandal is surrounded by carnival rides, stalls, and others.

Bagbazar Durga Puja, Kolkata
Bagbazar, Kolkata

The best time to visit this pandal is on the last day of the festival, Vijaya Dashami. On this day, Sindoor Khela ritual is celebrated in the traditional manner here. Married women place red sindoor (a sign of religious purity and marital happiness) on the idol, right before the immersion.

Bagbazar Sindur Khela, Kolkata
Bagbazar Sindur Khela, Kolkata

Location : The Pandal is located along the shore of Bagbazar river in North Kolkata. The pandal is closer to Bagbazar Kolkata Circular Railway Station and Bagbaar Launch Ghat. If you are choosing metro, the closest station is Shayambazar.

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3. College Square

This pandal is no different from the top two. It is also located along a lake shore, provides religious rituals, celebrations and others. However, crowd flocks this place for its unique sense of illumination. The pandal is decorated with lights, unique every year. The best part about this is that, the lighting of the pandal will be reflected flawlessly on the water in the lake.

College Square Durga Puja, Kolkata
College Square, Kolkata

Location : The pandal is located in College Street of Central Kolkata. It is very closer to Kolkata University on Mahatma Gandhi Road. If you are choosing metro, the closest stations are Central Metro and Mahatma Gandhi Road.

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4. Mohammad Ali Park

The park is an attraction by itself. During Durga Puja, the park gets even more crowd, thanks to this magnificent pandal. The pandal has been in the tradition of this festival since 1960s. This festival is famous for its classic look. It takes theme from interesting elements like Padmavaat film and others. The interior of the pandal resembles a fort with courtyard. The main element of this pandal is to add an ethnic class to the festival.

Location : Right opposite to College Square on MG road. Nearest metro stations are Central Metro and MG Road.

5. Santosh Mitra Square

This pandal has been attracting devotees since 1936. However, this pandal has come to the top of its popularity only in 1997. The pandal is famous for its innovative themes and remarkable display of art works. Last year, they created a chariot made of silver for the deity. The pandal lavishes luxury in every element and you would never fail to be dazzled, every year.

Santosh Mitra Square Durga Puja, Kolkata
Santosh Mitra Square, Kolkata

Location : Located in Bow Bazar region of Central Kolkata, closer to BB Gangulystreet. The closest metro station is the central metro.

6. Badamtala Ashar Sangha

This 75 years old pandal won an award for creative excellence in the year 2010. The themes and creative elements of the pandal attract numerous people to this old pandal. Since 1999, every year’s theme is unique and never has repeated until today. Starting from fictional characters to feminism, the themes are related to the younger minds. The most interesting part about this pandal is the idol. Lord Durga is personified as the Goddess of War. She is showcased with a long list of weapons in her ten arms indicating that good will always win over evil. However, in this pandal, the idol is showcased with no weapons. This is an indication of peace and end of violence lifestyle.

Badamtala Ashar Sangha, Kolkata
Badamtala Ashar Sangha, Kolkata

Location : Located in Nepal Bhattacharjee street of South Kolkata. It is located very closer to Kalighat metro station. You can also reach the pandal by boarding the metro to Rash Bihari Avenue station.

7. Suruchi Sangha

Durga puja is not restricted to Kolkata. The entire country celebrates it with different meanings and styles. Thus, this pandal has dedicated to bring unity in that diversity. The pandal is more than 50 years old. Every year, the theme is a state of the country.

Suruchi Sangha, Kolkata
Suruchi Sangha, Kolkata

Starting from the style of idol to the delicacies offered to the idol, every element of that year’s celebration would represent the state. This pandal has won many awards for being the best-decorated pandal two times; once in 2003 and again in 2009. Last year, the idol was made with soil collected from various parts of Bengal and Siwalik Hills.

Suruchi Sangha Durga Puja Kolkata

Location : The pandal is located in New Alipore of South Kolkata. The pandal is closer to NH 117 intersection and there will be a petrol pump closer to the region. The nearest railway stations are Kalighat and Majherhat.

8. Ekdalia Evergreen club

This is a replica-themed pandal. The pandal has been a part of the festival since 1943. The décor, lighting, idol and other elements of this pandal are replicas from temples around the country. This pandal is also famous for having one of the tallest idols in Kolkata. Last year, they created a replica of Thanjai Periya Kovil of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu using fiberglass. Every year, they create one unique interesting element to create a buzz for their pandal.

Ekdalia Evergreen Club, Kolkata
Ekdalia Evergreen Club, Kolkata

Location : It is located in Gariahat of South Kolkata. You can find Mandevilla Gardens and South Point Junior School closer to it. The nearest metro station to the pandal is Kalighat Metro.

9. Jodhpur Park

Jodhpur Park is one of the largest in the southern Kolkata. Every year, the theme varies starting from traditional themes to hi-tech technologies. In 2018, the pandal had a digital styled celebration with materials printed with a 3D printer. The idol was also made with three-dimensional objects made with the printer.

Jodhpur Park, Kolkata
Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

Location : This pandal is located in Jadapur Thanda of South Kolkata. The closest railway station to the pandal is Dhakuria.

10. Bosepukur Sitala Mandir

This pandal has been a part of this tradition for more than 60 years. This pandal has won many awards and reputations. The themes of the pandal is usually resonating the rural character of India. The pandal is decorated with tribal artworks, tribal tattoo, and others. the idol is made by tribal artists with burnt wood, clay, and ropes.

Bosepukur Sitala Mandir, Kolkata
Bosepukur Sitala Mandir, Kolkata

Location : It is located in Bosepukar, Kasba of South Kolkata. The pandal is closer to Bosepukar petrol pump. The closest metro station is Ballygunge.

11. Dum Dum Park

Usually, pandals are sites of religious celebrations, which are spiked with creativity to add a unique flavor. How about a pandal, with nothing but creativity in every element? Starting from abstract art decorations to brilliant ornaments on the deity, this pandal is focused on creating something new in everything. The idol of this pandal is decorated with distinct colors to create a vibrant look. The number of people who visits the pandal for religious events is less. The pandal is crowded with people who are eager to know what they have done unique to the place every year. You can enjoy live folk performances throughout the festival, every year.

Dum Dum Park, Kolkata
Dum Dum Park, Kolkata

Location : This pandal is located in South Dum Dum region of Kolkata. The closest metro station to the pandal is Belgachia.

12. Sikdar Bagan Sadharan

This is one of the oldest pandals of the regions, which still sticks to the traditional style of celebrations and hospitality. The idol of the pandal is decorated and designed in a different way, every year. The structure and décor of the pandals are strictly kept minimalistic. You can find little decorative lights and that is all. The attention of the pandal is towards religious traditions and skills of artwork on the idol. People visit this pandal to experience the traditional method of celebration.

Sikdar Bagan Sadharan, Kolkata
Sikdar Bagan Sadharan, Kolkata

Location : It is located in the Sikdar Bagan street of Hati Bagan region of Kolkata. The nearest metro station to the pandal is Shyam bazar.

13. Sree Bhumi Sporting Club

This pandal is a structure with décor and architectural elements similar to a large palace, which would look similar to the palace shown in the Bahubali movie. This club creates a lively ambiance for a royal styled pandal. The decoration is just the beginning of beauty. This is one of the best places to enjoy traditionally styled rituals, cultural programs and other forms of celebrations. People from all around Kolkata visit this pandal at least once during the celebration.

Sree Bhumi Sporting Club, Kolkata
Sree Bhumi Sporting Club, Kolkata

Location : The pandal is located closer to P S Lake Town on the Canal street. The closest metro station is the Tollygunge station.

14. Lake Town Adhibasi Brinda

This is a calm and serene pandal. There are no distractive elements in this pandal. They do not seek extravaganza in decorations or huge structures to bring in the crowd of visitors. The main focus of this pandal is spirituality. The idol is traditional styled and the rituals are the common events of the festival. The festive mood is boosted with cultural activities like drama, dance, song, recital, and others. To add boon to social awareness, the pandal also conducts blood donation drive, health check-up, and others.

Lake Town Adhibasi Brinda, Kolkata
Lake Town Adhibasi Brinda, Kolkata

Location : This pandal is located on the Lake Town Like Road. The pandal is located very close to Jaya Cinemas. The nearest metro stop closer to the pandal is Belgachia station.

15. Nalin Sarkar Street

This pandal has been in this competition for more than a decade and they have always managed to link heritage and natural beauty to this traditional festival. Every year, artistic creativity is emphasized on the idol. The creativity element of this pandal has given many recognition and awards in 2004, 2006 and 2010. The pandal’s décor gives more importance to pottery work and other ancient styled skills.

Nalin Sarkar Street, Kolkata
Nalin Sarkar Street, Kolkata

Location : It is located in Nalin Sarkar street of North Kolkata. It is located closer to Sikdar Bagan Sadharan pandal. The nearest metro station to the pandal is Shyam bazar.

16. Maniktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty

This pandal was established by a young boy in 1943, who is still the president of this pandal at the age of 87. He dreamt of establishing a mass celebration in his locality and thus, the pandal was born. It has gained many recognition and awards over the year. The thematic beauty and distinctive ambiance is always a plus to this pandal. The main beauty of this pandal is its link with the traditional celebration, which hasn’t changed since 1943. The pandal also organizes many traditional cultural activities and religious rituals during the festival like dhaki competition, sindoorkhela, dhunuchi dance, and others.

Maniktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty, Kolkata
Maniktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty, Kolkata

Location : It is found in Maniktala region of Kolkata. This pandal is located closer to Girish Park metro station.

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17. Telengabagan Sarbojanin Durgotsab

This is a traditional ethnic group organized pandal, which is famous for sticking to the traditional rituals and decorations of ancient India. The pandal creates an awareness of the age-old traditions. The sculptures used in this pandal are quite famous for a remarkable effect. The pandal has received numerous awards and recognition for its style of celebration, décor, and hospitality.

Telengabagan Sarbojanin Durgotsab, Kolkata
Telengabagan Sarbojanin Durgotsab, Kolkata

Location : This pandal is located inside Gurudas Dutta Garden, which is in Surir Bagan. The closest metro station to the pandal is Belgachia.

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18. Samaj Sebi Sangha

This is a modern-day pandal, with themes related to social messages. Starting from the right parenting concept to women empowerment, the pandal is known for its unique style of celebrations. Traditional décor adds more beauty to the pandal along with the traditional methods of rituals and celebrations.

Samaj Sebi Sangha, Kolkata
Samaj Sebi Sangha, Kolkata

Location : This pandal is located in Lake View Road of South Kolkata. The closest metro station to the pandal is Sova bazar Sutanuti.

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19. Hindustan Park

This pandal attracts a lot of people with its décor, style of hospitality and most importantly, the craftsmanship of the idols. The place has been in the list of pandals since 1932 and every year, the number of visitors to this pandal has been increasing. Do not confuse this with the Hindustan Club pandal.

Hindustan Park, Kolkata
Hindustan Park, Kolkata

Location : It is located inside the Hindustan Park of Gariahat region. It is located close to the South Indian club.

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20. Deshapriya Park

This park is quite famous among tourists and pilgrims. This pandal is famous for elaborate designs and decors, which takes months to get inaugurated every year. The pandal creates the awe-factor for the festival. In 2017, the pandal was decorated with elements of the White Temple of Thailand. This pandal has the world’s tallest Durga idol standing at a height of 80 feet.

Deshapriya Park, Kolkata
Deshapriya Park, Kolkata

Location : It is located in Ballygunge region of Kolkata. The closest metro station is Ballygunge station.

Apart from these, there are numerous other Durga puja pandals in Kolkata. You can make a vacation by visiting one pandal after another. The best time to visit the pandalsis during the late afternoon or evening. Always leave the best pandals to visit on the last day of the festival. If you do not find the right itinerary to cover the pandals of Kolkata, you can create your own itinerary with the list of destinations you wish to cover. Visit https://www.travelogyindia.com/create-my-trip.html and get started today.