No Trip Is Complete Without These Five Delicacies In Karnataka

Are you planning to visit Karnataka? You ought to enjoy a lot of monuments, hill stations, water based activities and others.

Apart from these, you ought to try out the cuisine of the land. This cuisine is one of the oldest and surviving cuisines from Iron Age of mankind. When it comes to the cuisine of Karnataka, they are specialized in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. If you end up with high end five star hotels, you might not be able to enjoy the authentic taste of the land. Choose some mess styled hotels to enjoy the delicacies of the land. If you are a good food taster, you ought to try these five delicacies of the land before leaving from Karnataka. Though cuisine of the state changes from one region to another, these five would be the same throughout the land.

1. Maddur Vada

It is a savoury snack styled dish of South India. This dish is very famous in Maddur of Mandy district. It is a fried semolina based dish made with rice flour, semolina, onion, grated coconut, asafoetida and others. The golden brown vada is either eaten alone or along with Mysore sambar.

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2. Dharwad Pedha

This is a sweet delicacy that is famous in Dharward of Karnataka. This sweet has been in the culture for about 172 years. This is made from milk. The milk is boiled for very long time till it becomes thick. It was introduced to Karnataka by people from Uttar Pradesh. Today, it is an icon of the state and this delicacy also has GI number.

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3. Mysore Pak

This is a sweet dish made from gram flour. This dish is a signature dish of Mysore Palace during the rule of Krishna Raja Wadiyar. Since then, it is a traditional sweet that is served during festivals all around the country. The gram flour is mixed with thick sugar syrup spiced with cardamom, rose petals and others. It takes a skilled person to make perfect syrup.

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4. Vangi Bath

This can be loosely translated as brinjal rice. It is fried brinjal and lentil base rice. It is spicy flavoured rice which is often served with a mild curry or raita. The most common side dish is Mosaru Bajjir. It is also famous in North India. If you want to really taste very good Vangi Bath, you ought to visit some hotels that are run by Brahmins. This recipe had been in the community for many years.

5. Masala Dosa

Dosa is a very common south India dish which is a thin rice pancake which is crispy and mildly salty. Masala dosa is a variety of dosa in which it is stuffed with onion, potato, peas, carrot and others. It is a very famous dish all around the world that was originated in Karnataka. It has been tagged as one of the ten foods that one should taste at least once in their lifetime.

These are just the top five dishes of Karnataka. If you plan on eating new dishes every day, you would have enough to take you throughout a month. Other top dishes to try out are Shenga, Bele, Saaru, Mosaru, Bisi bele bath, Chitranna, Puliyogare, Kosambari, Churumuri and many others.

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