Planning A Trip to India – Ten Step Guide Explained

Before you start any type to trip to India, it is always better to plan. There are a lot of different types of trips that you can take in India like monument trips, wildlife trip, beach vacation, nightlife getaway and so on.

If you are looking for a great experience and hinder-less joy, you ought to plan. No matter which type of trip you are planning to take, you can rely on this ten step guide process. Following are ten steps that are customized to create the best trip in India in which you would spend less time worry about it.

1. Documents in Hand

You would need a lot of physical and electronic documents for your whole trip to India. Passport, visa, medical certificates, hotel booking information, tickets, license and rental approvals are some of the top documents that you would need in this trip. You can either download an app to organize your electronic documents in phone or mail every document in attachment to yourself. Always have a backup set of documents in phone, tablet and also in physical form as print outs.

For physical documents like passport and others, you can either buy a folder that holds all your documents in one place or assign a separate bag for the same. Keep all your necessary documents that you might have to show from time to time in your wallet or purse.

Before you organize your documents, check expiry date and validity. Also check online or ask your travel agency about any special documents that you might need to carry for a specific purpose.

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2. Make and stick to budget

Create a budget upfront. Your budget should have following sections; travel, accommodation, eating, fun and backup. If you have prebooked your travel and accommodation related expenses, you can concentrate on the rest. Learn about how to get the best deal too. You can check with your travel agent about the best travel package that would suit you. Also check about seasons when price range would be low. You can also learn about various options available in India for accommodation and others to choose the variant that would suit your budget. Do not dig or rely on the back-up money. Pack that money and forget as it did not exist.

3. Choose a Destination

There are a lot of destinations in India like Mumbai, Andaman and Nicobar, Darjeeling, Ladakh, Pondicherry, Madurai, Kerala and so on. There are certain packages that take you to various destinations that are linked based on an attraction like wildlife tour, beach getaways and so on. Pick a destination based on your taste, whom you are travelling with, season that you are travelling, your budget and number of days of vacation. There are various destinations that would suit you no matter how unique your tastes are. The best way to pick a destination is based on the season you are travelling and occurrence of any festival in that destination.

4. Itinerary

This is a little tricky stage. You need to create an itinerary but, make sure you do not spend a lot of time in this. You cannot predict everything that you need to do in the trip. If you plan on sticking to your itinerary no matter what happened, you might not have fun. Create an itinerary based on what you need to see each day. If time permits, you can enjoy all or you can take it as it comes.

Before you create an itinerary, research about the destination, attractions in the city, attractions nearby, time taken for travel, average amount of time taken in each attraction, crowd, traffic and so on. You need to be realistic in your itinerary. Remember it should just be a rough itinerary. Do not give a lot of importance to it. It can change as and when possible.

5. Booking Tickets

There are a lot of travel agencies from which you can book a ticket. You can also use official websites to book tickets. You can also book train tickets through online. If you are visiting India, you ought to take a train trip. It would be a great experience. Try to haggle if possible and choose best rates possible.

4. Book your Amenities

Not just your accommodation, you need to book your travels, rental car and every other service that you might need in India. India might be a destination with high hospitality. But, it is a big problem if you reach India without known which hotel to check in. Choosing a private transportation might be a problem if you are not sure where to go. You are a foreigner and they can try to get a good rate from you. It is always better to book your accommodation and pay for pick up services from hotel. If not, you would have a hotel name and you can choose your own transportation mode to reach the hotel.

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5. Travel Insurance

You cannot predict the future. The best time to get insurance is after prebooking all your accommodations and airfare. Thus, you know how much you are spending on the trip and choose an insurance that would suit you. You should also get a medical insurance if possible. Hygiene in India is developing and even if you were to fall sick during your trip, there are a lot of high standard hospitals to check in. Remember that India is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. But, to make sure you do not burn your wallet, it is better to get insurance. Do not pick an insurance company blindly. Do your research and choose the one that suits your needs.

6. Vaccination

You need to check with a medical professional to learn about the vaccinations that you need before your trip. This is a very essential trip if you are planning to take your kids with you. After all, you would not like to lie in your hotel bed all week long with fever and infection.

7. Packing

With all these steps completed, you can now plan your packing. Make a check list of all the things you need. Remember to learn about climate of your destination. Pack your clothes accordingly. Make luggage as less as possible for a stress free travel.

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8. Last minute items

Some things cannot be packed till it is almost time to leave. Make a list of those things like your wallet, debit cards and so on. Make sure you go through this list before you start from your house.

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