Sikkim’s First Airport in Pakyong between Himalayan Ranges

Sikkim’s the first ever airport in Pakyong was inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on 24th September. He said that he is very glad to inaugurate India’s 100th airport and he appreciated the work done by the engineers excavating the beautiful airport in between Himalayan Ranges.

PM Modi Inaugrating Sikkim First Airport

Sikkim’s airport is one of the highest airports in India perched between Himalayan Ranges at an altitude of 4,500ft.

Sikkim's First Airport at Pakyong  

The Director of Pakyong Airport R. Manjunath explained that the mountainside was carved out by the technique of “Geo-technology” means cut and fill engineering works. The team of engineers had done a very good job of using brilliant architectural skills.

Sikkim Airport Track  

Pakyong Airport Fast Facts

  • Pakyong Airport is a green field airport with environmental layouts. Greenfield airport means it was laid out from unusual and undeveloped fields and it will be constructed with the existing infrastructure.
  • The first stone of the airport was laid in 2009, near Gangtok. Finally, after 10 years in 2018, it was inaugurated.
  • Pakyong Airport was constructed by AAI (Airport Authority of India) and the dimensions of the runway are the 1,700m length and 30m wide.
  • The airport houses an ATC tower along with a fire station, a terminal building with a capacity of 100 passengers, parking facility for 80 cars, and with high-intensity runway lights.
  • The first trial was conducted on March 5, 2018, by IAF Dornier 228 and the first landing of commercial flight took place on March 10, 2018, by SpiceJet Bombardier plane.
  • Pakyong Airport will be helpful to Army services because the airport is very near to India-China Border which is 60kms far The IAF has the facility to launch the military aircraft at the airport.
  • The first commercial SpiceJet flight from Pakyong to Kolkata would begin from October 4.

Pakyong Airport services will be helpful to all natives of Sikkim to turn their journey time from hours to minutes with easy accessibility. The architecture of Pakyong airport is adorable in between majestic Himalayan Ranges.

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