Tawang Festival 2023, 2024 - A Famous Tourist Festival Of Arunachal Pradesh

Tourism Department of Arunachal Pradesh celebrates this festival to promote the tourist attractions and traditional values. Tawang is a wonderful festival, to know about the rich varied traditions and cultures of Arunachal Pradesh. The name Tawang came to the festival after the name of a hill station Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Tawang hill station in Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful place with topmost tourist attractions. Tawang festival celebration was started from the year 2012, and the attractions and visiting people number are increasing year by year. However, an experience-able festival in Arunachal Pradesh.

Tawang Festival

About Tawang Festival

Tawang festival is a three days fest with varied traditional activities and events. Tawang hill station is home for several tribes and the major tribal community is Monpas. Tribes of this hill station welcome tourists with humble respect and welcome wishes in their culture.

This three-day festival will be celebrated every year by the Tourism Department of Arunachal Pradesh and this year 2021 dates are 26th - 29th October. Tawang festival processions will be started with a religious tradition known as “Sebang”. It means monks of Tawang town move to the festival spot in rallies from the Tawang monastery, this religious tradition is known as “Sebang”.

Sebang - Monks of Tawang Town Spot in Rallies
Sebang - Monks of Tawang Town Spot in Rallies

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Tawang Festival Date

In 2024, Tawang Festival will be celebrated in 9th - 11th October.

In 2022, Tawang Festival will be celebrated in 26th - 29th October.

In 2020, Tawang Festival was celebrated in 26th - 29th October..

About Tawang Town

Before going to know about the festival it is important to know about Tawang Town. Because its beautiful tourist spots and tranquil environment is the reason for the festival. The hill station Tawang, located at an altitude of 3,500ft above the sea level surrounded with the majestic mountain ranges namely Gudpi and Chong-Chugmi is a beautiful destination.

Tawang hill station is such a beautiful town with mountains, waterfalls, greenery, lakes, etc it’s like a heaven on the earth. Due to all these reasons and attractions, tourism of Arunachal Pradesh selected this place to celebrate a festival to promote the tourism of the state.

Tawang Gate

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Tawang Festival Culture

Tawang festival is like the cultural fest with numerous attractions and exhibiting them in the festival. The main theme of the fest is making the tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh to be known all over India and to the world with the utmost celebrations. This festival is the right place to witness many attractions relating to cultures and traditions.

Here in this festival you can experience the traditional values of Buddhists. The festival is stage for many religious events, traditional and tribal dances, exhibition of crafts and arts by the tribes, hand-loom products, photography exhibition, paintings, etc. The local markets and roads of the whole hill station will glitter with many stalls in colorful decorations.

Tribe Dance at Tawang Festival
Tribe Dance at Tawang Festival

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Tourist Attractions in Tawang Festival

The major attractions and events that take place in the festival are Dance of Yak, tribal participation with various dances and traditional rituals, traditional monastic dances, street performances, the traditional parade, Buddhist religious functions, and AJI-LHAMU DANCE is the main attraction of the festival. Projection of the historical movies of the state is another attraction of the festival.

Yak Dance, Tawang Festival
Yak Dance

Apart from celebrations, the pleasantness and tranquility of the town also attract tourists to visit the festival. The view of the town during the festival will be so awesome with the full of celebration prayer flags hangings, ongoing events and activities on streets, etc will be very attractive to see and enjoy. Festival in a pleasant and serene town looks very beautiful and joyful with the celebrations.

Overall, the pleasant hill station of Arunachal Pradesh will blossoms with full of joy and prosperity at the time of Tawang Festival.

Places to be Visted in Tawang

As we known Tawang is a promotional festival to popularize tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh. So, the places of interest and attractions of this beautiful Tawang town to be seen are Bumla Pass, Sela Pass, Gorichen Peak, Madhuri Lake, Nuranang Falls, P.T. Tso Lake, Tawang monastery, Jang Waterfalls etc.

Bumla Pass Tawang
Bumla Pass Tawang

So, when you visit Tawang at this festival time never miss these places to visit. You will be bowled to the pleasing environment and the charm of the town.

Tawang Monastery
Tawang Monastery

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Finally, Tawang festival is an experience-able fest to know about the various cultures and traditions of North-Eastern states. The cultural attractions and Buddhist processions will take away your heart from you. However, in Arunachal Pradesh Tawang hill station is also a must-visit place.

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