Three Ways to Travel Tibet from India

Tibet is an important tourist destination for those who love nature based area and a peaceful vacation. It is true that it is not easy to travel Tibet if you are not in Nepal or China. It is not that difficult if you surf about how to reach Tibet from India. This article will talk in detail about how to reach Tibet from India.

1. Mountain Passes

There is no tourist based border crossing between India and Tibet. The only legal way that connects it with India is the mountain pass and there are three passes open today.

  1. Lipulekh Pass – between Uttarakhad and Ngari prefecture
  2. Shipki La Pass - between Himachal Pradesh and Ngari perfecture
  3. Nathu La Pass – between Sikkim and Shigatse prefecture

The Shipki La pass is used by pilgrims and local traders. If you are using this pass, you ought to visit Mount Kailash in the West Tibet.  If you hold an Indian passport, you can use Nathula La Pass too.

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2. Flight

There is no direct flight connection between Tibet and India. The only airport is in Lahasa. Lahasa connects Tibet with Kathmandu, Nepal alone. There are a lot of flights from Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai that takes you to Kathmandu. From there, you can easily catch a flight to Lahasa. Usually, there are only weekly flights from Nepal. Thus, plan your visit accordingly. From May to October; daily flights are allowed too. To visit Tibet from Nepal, you need to have a travel permit.

If you are planning to board a flight, you ought to be a part of any organized tour group. This does not indicate that you need to travel in group. You can travel with your family but, you need documents to prove that you are a part of any organized tour group. Normal Tibet permit is given for 14 days. If you are planning to visit Mt. Kailash or Western Tibet, it is better to take four week tour permit. Thus, if you are planning to visit Tibet, it is better to contact us at least 6 weeks in advance.

3. Road Transportation

You can choose bus or cab to reach Kathmandu. From your home country embassy in Kathmandu, you can get permit to reach. From Kathmandu, you can take flight. You can also take the route that connects West Tibet with India through Xinjiang province. But, it would take a lot of time and is expensive.

Now that you have read about how to reach Tibet from India, it is better to start preparing early. The best time to visit Tibet is between April and October. July and August is the rainy season and some tend to avoid this season.

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