Top 5 Hidden Photography Locations In Bangalore’s Backyards

Are you someone who loves to take pictures? There are a lot of photogenic places in Bangalore for giving your camera some busy time. But, are you looking for more? Here are some places around Bengaluru that have all elements that are needed for a serene photogenic place for photo shoots. These places are paradise where every moment can be turned into a perfect picture. If you had been thinking that Bengaluru is a place for software companies, parks, lakes and nightlife; you are absolutely wrong. Here are some places around Bengaluru for photo shoots.

1. Hesaraghatta Lake

Hesaraghatta Lake is about 18 km away from Bengaluru. It is a man made fresh water lake. This is not just the place to get some lake and sky view pictures. This lake has an exotic collection of birds that live and migrate. Starting from robin to black drongos, you can find a lot of interesting and beautiful birds. You can find about 29 species of birds here. The village around the lake is also photogenic. You can find many interesting spots like old banyan tree, kids playing on mud road, cattle and others. If you visit this lake in the morning, the path from Bengaluru to the lake would be even more serene.

Hesaraghatta Lake

The right time to visit this lake is winter. This is when you can find all kinds of birds. If you are not into bird photography, the landscape would be at its prime beauty throughout the year. The best time is sunset or sunrise. Not just because you can find a lot of birds, the beauty of the lake in orange sun would be mesmerizing. (Updated Info : The Hesaraghatta Lake is going to dried up almost.)

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2. The Town of Potters

A little away from the town of Bengaluru, there is a small place called Potters town. Many years ago, potters settled here for living. To say, this place has a decade old history of clay, pots and masterpieces. This town has been leased to potters for 30 years and ever since, this place is bubbling with statues, vessels and other masterpieces. If you visit this place during day time, you can find potters in full active. How is this photo shoot spot? Having a black and white or sepia mode pictures with potters in action would be very alluring. The best time to visit is during any festival that is related to sculptures like Ganesh Chaturthi. This is the best place to take portraits and still life pictures. You can also find kids playing with clay and women performing chores related to pottery. Make sure ask permission before you start clicking their works.

Town of Potters, Bangalore

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3. Siddarabetta

Siddarabetta or Siddara betta is located in Madhugiri. Madhugiri is a hill that is the second largest monolith in the continent. It is about 107 km away from the heart of Bengaluru. The green surrounding, exotic flora and wonderful climate make this place a photo shoot spot. Many people visit this spot for the cave pictures and nature view. If you visit this place in the morning, the foggy background would make all your pictures look amazing. This is the right place for nature photographers and also for those who want to take romantic pictures with your special one. In Siddarabetta, Channarayandurga is a fort that has splendour architecture and would do wonders to your pictures. There is a lake nearby the fort. The fort in ruins, the lake and the foggy morning can make any picture look more romantic and alluring.

The best time to visit this place is between August to March when you can find a lot of birds and the climate would be very pleasant.

Channarayana Durga

4. Ramnagar

Ramnagar is about 50 km away from Bengaluru. This spot is famous for its hills, landscape, granite hills, caves and many other elements. You can find a lot of bird species here (endangered ones too). You can find some exotic species of wildlife too. There is a large lake with boating facilities here. Early morning boating would take you to wonderful spots where you can take many nature photographs with creative touch. This place has a photographic charm. There are also vineyards in Ramnagar where you can drop in, have a stroll and click some pictures.

Ramnagar Bangalore

5. Hassan

Are you tired of nature photography and other similar ones? Do you want to do something different? How about some medieval pictures? Hassan is a small city which is about 185 km away from Bengaluru. This city has rich heritage and the most important element is the ruins in this place. There are many ruined structures with amazing backgrounds for taking some breathtaking pictures. There are temples and forts that are made of black rocks cut out of mountains. Thus, your pictures would get that medieval look with little effort. If you shift to black and white mode, you have got yourself a great photogenic Narnia. The place has tropical climate and the city stays at its prime beauty throughout the year.


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