Top 5 Major Attractions of Onam

Onam which is celebrated every year marks the harvesting festival of Kerala. One of the State Festivals of India; it is celebrated with much fanfare. Falling anywhere in the month of August - September; it celebrates the homecoming of mythological King Mahabali who is considered the King by Malayalees people. It is celebrated with a number of cultural elements like Thumbi Thullal, Onavillu, Onapottan, Atthachamayam, Pookkalam etc.

Kathakali Dance Kerala

Onam Festivals basically begin 10 days before the actual date. This can be seen in the flower arrangements being made in front of Keralite homes! This year too, it will take place in Trivandrum and places around. The festival includes stage show dramas, folk art, food stalls and handicraft fairs. On the last day of the festivals elephant parade is carried out which is also telecasted live on a number of Indian Television channels. Thus, there are 5 major attractions one can enjoy in this festival:

1. Classical Music Presentations

State Level inaugration. One can also enjoy the comedy show and Classical Dance Extravaganza by top most artists of the region. On the first day of Onam festival; enjoy classical music presentation which includes

2. Classical Dance Solo

The second day of the festival is filled with various solo dances. It includes various classical dance forms like Mohiniyattam, Bharatnatyam, Keralanandam. Once can also hear various Indian Classical Vocals like Hindustani, Karnatic and Veena. The program is often accomplished with the festival food filled with Onam festive dishes.

Mohiniyattam Dance Kerala

3. Stage Shows

Various theaters await this day when stage performances are done. Various theatrical performances are done. Some of them even show magic performances on this auspicious day.

Stage Shows Onam Celebrate Kerala

4. Childrens’ Show

On the 4th day of celebration; children performances are carried out. Various dance, theater and magic shows are carried out by children. It’s a fun filled day and even the dishes are served out as per the taste buds of kids!

Children Show at Onam Kerala

5. Floral Carpets

On the last day of celebration keep a watch for the floral carpets which can be seen in markets, homes and performance houses. It’s also the day when elephants are decorated and their show is shown live on television.

Floral Carpets in Onam Kerala

The best part of these shows all through the Onam is the background these stage shows carry. It’s a different kind of air filled with joy, colours of ethnic tradition and the youthfulness. What is of importance is the feeling of respect people still have for their culture and traditional which can be very much seen in all the performances here. Once you are here, you forget everything else as you get lost in a totally different environment,

What is most interesting part of this festival is the heavily painted and dresses up Kathalkali and Bharanatyam dance performers; flower decoration all over Kerala and the decorated elephants which are lined up to mark the beginning of 4 days Onam Festival! So, this year chalk out a plan to see this colorful festival as it begins at the end of August ….

The four days when Onam is celebrated in Kerala; it is a state holiday and so all the Official places and even markets are closed!

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