Top 5 Places for White River Rafting Destinations in India

One of the most popular outdoor adventure sports is White River Rafting which has also made its ground in India. While some may describe that driving at the peak of rush hour is adventurous in India, but to them, we would like to say, maybe you have never felt the rush of being completely lost of control yet dancing to the beats of water on rocky, foamy spreads that drench you with the brave yet intimidating touch of nature.

Travelers from all over the world are finding their way to India to satiate their hankering for thrill and adventure and are choosing to climb on a puny rubber boat weaponed with a flimsy paddle, and allowing themselves to be afloat at the mercy of the torrential waters of the river.

Looking for the top white water river rafting destinations in India?

We have compiled a list of the top five for you. Take a look…

1. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

White water rafting in Manali takes place on the Beas River in Himachal Pradesh, which is perfectly suited for such an adventurous ride. A variety of rafting spots are available near Manali with different grades of rafting. You can choose your suitable ride from a grade of 1 to 4 in terms of river rafting. So, Manali has it all when it comes to rivers and rafts for both amateurs and pros. The rafting zone here stretched from Pirdi to Jhiri, and this route is well-checkered with massive drops and amazing rapids which will give your heart an exhilarating jolt for the 14 km joyride.

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2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Although mostly known as a highly spiritual place for pilgrims and lost souls, but Rishikesh has more than just spiritual energy to offer. As this is an attractive spot for adventure-seekers who want to try at river rafting. The best time to enjoy white river rafting in Rishikesh is from the month of March to June, when this place throngs with tourists from all over the world. The rafting experience is also long enough to satisfy the toughest adventure-seeking hearts as it starts all the way from Shivpuri and ends at Lakshman Jhoola. The beautiful river across this stretch has several grade 5 whirlpools, major rapids and the great drops that are quite bigger than many others in the country.

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3. Kolad, Maharashtra

A less renowned yet beautiful spot in Maharashtra, Kolad is another river rafting destination in India. The river is Kundalika and rafting experience here begins from Sahyadri and ends in the lap of the majestic Arabian Sea. Equipped with currents perfect for river rafting, this river originates from a place called as Bhira and is controlled by a dam.

But this river is only suitable for rafting during the monsoon seasons, when excess water is released from the dam. This water then gushes and hits on the rocks and boulders thereby giving birth to amazing whirlpools and thrilling drops for the next 14 Km. The best time to visit this place is by the end of June when monsoon replenishes the river with torrential currents of energetic water that can give you the ride of life.

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4. Darjeeling, West Bengal

The popular hill station of West Bengal is also a hidden treasure for thrill seekers wanting to white water river raft. The rafting takes place on the River Teesta which originates from the mighty Kanchenjunga Mountain Range. The stretch of the rafting experience is of a good 15 km and is further accentuated with picturesque panoramic views of the mountains and valleys all around. The starting point of the river is also the place to begin this adventurous joyride. The ride starts from Tarkhola and ends at Melli.

The river turns especially violent during the plush monsoon months so one must take this ride during the relatively drier months.

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5. Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

Best known for its pristine environment, complete serene solitude and sprawling lakes of stillness, Ladakh allures the hearts of many a traveler. But did you know that it is also home to a 20 km stretch of hurling down abode the foamy tops of an excited river stream for a good long ride? This land is the home to one of the longest rivers in India – the Indus River which originates from the mountains in Ladakh. The ride is well endowed with some of the greatest panoramic views of the mountains along with the right current of river water for some thrilling river rafting experience. The 1 km rapids at Nurla are an experience worth noting. June to August is the right months to visit this place for river rafting.

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Conquer those foamy spreads of ups and downs and witness some of the best mountainous views while river rafting at these locations.

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