Top 5 Things To Do In Hampi

Hampi, Karnataka is a place like no other and it has the perfect establishing of famous historical ruins against the most jaw losing natural setting. It is a backpacker’s paradise and most visitors easily fall into its languid laid back pace. In such a surreal place, it is not difficult to spend at least a week, if not more. Cheap, clean guesthouses, bars, dining places, motorbike accommodations etc.

Create Hampi extremely vacationer friendly and a couple of exciting excursions to close by locations create the Hampi experience complete. Introducing a few fun things to do in and around Hampi.

1. Sightseeing Around Hampi

There are a lot of temples and ruins for you to appreciate touring, discovering and simply clicking images. If you take a whole journey around Karnataka through every ruin and temple in location, it would take a complete day. The massive temples and stones from grainy sand grounds create a fantastic view to watch. Photography is an important activity here. Usually, Hampi in monsoon would be amazing for pictures as the place would look very clean with the latest rainfall.


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2. Riding the Water Taxi

On the river in Hampi, employ a mineral water cab. Take a ride to lack of the river, Anegundi. The ride would be enchanting. Moreover, on the other hand, you can find a lot of social and conventional activities like a drum circle, dread-locking and many others. If you wish, you can employ a motorboat and take a ride on it on the river. The round boat ride is an original experience here. You can also love fishing, if possible. Cliff jumping into the river is a common adventure activity here. Ensure that to know where people using love this particular activity to avoid too shallow waters.

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3. Boulder Up

The space around Hampi is scattered with attractive stones, some of which seem precariously balanced. Bouldering is a must for adventure fans and there is a local outfit at Virupapur Gadde, which provides services and equipment to stone climbers. Sunrise hikes to unknown temples are also organised by them.

Bouldering in Hampi

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4. Cross Over

Try out the Ramayana trail and cross the Tungabhadra River to check out the old capital of Anegundi. You can reach Anegundi either by boat (which ferries your scooter to) or ride along Bukka’s Aqueduct from Virupapur Gadde. Climb up the Hanuman Temple on Anjenaya Mountain to pay the monkey god’s homeland a journey and the Pampa Sarovar is also worth a journey. Try one of the basket-shaped coracle boats to drift down Tungabhadra and most boatmen stop at vacationer destinations.

Hampi Coracle Ride

5. Watery Smashes and Sunsets

Nature fans will the charming Sanapur Pond and Hampi’s best sunsets can be identified from Matanga Mountain. Try the Tungabhadra Dam if you have an extra day with you and would love to be a part of some offbeat fun with the locals. Situated on a well-kept lawn, the Tungabhadra Dam tank is wide and the hilltop view of it is amazing. A little bus shuttles visitors from the Tungabhadra Dam Park to the hill top and there’s a little restaurant there.

Matanga Hill Sunrise View

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